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Found 5 results

  1. I have this character concept of a cipher who have a perception filter similar to grieving mother but a little more complex, that gives him the appearance that would matter to observer so she can learn more about people, changing his race and sex to the eye of who sees her. Could someone please make this possible? maybe changing these traits so they can be added by console like with classes
  2. Start of old thread End of old thread Even Zzap64 had some rather questionable reviews when the big publishers games got released...
  3. We know that the P: E is a mature storyline (At least they say it will). But what about mature +18 content, sexuality prostitution, nudity etc. In my opinion P:E shoud be more like dark-fantasy and it whoud me great to see this type of content(but subtly). This thret also has a litle bit to do abour romances (companions, npc, player etc) but not "IF romances will be added" but "IF they will by added then with mature content or no" I'am not fan of dragon age romances (and sex scenes like from mass efect) but i like how they where added in witcher ( Not sexscenes but sex cards and only sound in the in the distance.... I whant to know your opininion. of course i don't whant P:E to become a porn or daiting game but in my opinion sex is normal thing between people and putting it dawn it just putting down other relationships an adding will make game more realistic ....
  4. As I read the thread about armor and weapon design, I wondered: "What will the women in PE be like?" I don't know if it has been discussed already. But I am fairly sick of the standartised perfectly proportionated women (ppw) in most games. It is simply unrealistic, especially if it involves breast-formed armor, total lack of armor or a fantasy-version of stilettos. That does not mean that I don't want good-looking women, as there are well-proportioned men in any fantasy universe as well. I only ask two things: 1.) An average distribution of the population in regards to beauty and body-size and yes, that should go for companions as well, especially the romanceable ones. Reducing every warrior women to her looks first and her skills second is kinda primitive - and i dont want to go into the average muscle mass (or the unrealistic lack thereof) of a standard ppw. 2.) A new definition of beauty in games, less fixated on the body proportions and more focused on character, all in all. Top models may be good-looking, but not the kind of women you want to spend your life with. Stop regarding minor fallacies in looks far more important than intelligence, character and the likes, dear co-gamers! The weather after this post could turn definitively ragey, with a chance of ****storm, so let me clarify: Yes, as a male I am attracted to ppw. But as an intelligent human I like women with "a special something", or character, or whatever you call it far more. And I certainly do not want all women in PE to be "ugly, but with character" or "fat, but with personality" or whatever crossed your mind while reading this. I just wished that the gaming community, developers and players aside, would expand their definition of beauty. And maybe in this game, which does not need to show screenshots of ppw anymore to find interest, it will finally be possible.
  5. Start of old thread End of old thread Share the love Oh, and try to keep it civil.
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