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Found 3 results

  1. So, in your first playthrough is it going to be BG style companions or IWD style companions for you guys ? PoE luckily gives the option for either, or a mix of both. Personally I am probably going for all custom, since I have my mind pretty much made up about classes and race (Elves, or godlike w/ elf parentage) for my party. Leaving the companion stuff for second playthrough, if I hire them in the first I will park them in Stronghold most of the time... I don't think I will mix them though.
  2. * 1st Should Economy cost more on higher difficulty? In Baldur's Gate (once upon a time) I played one game with "Tactical Settings". It made Bandit Raids more rough and more difficult, but more important for this thread, it made the Iron Crisis real. Items broke more often (due to the Iron Crisis), and due to the Iron Shortage all of the "iron" items cost a ton more (and breaking way easier). I think a Short Sword cost around 100~ gold or something similar, whilst on an original vanilla game it goes for something like 10-15 gold. * 2nd Adventurer's Hall also included? This question is regarding the Adventurer's Hall specifically because I am curious to know what people think about companions costing gold from the Adventurer's Hall. If this is the case "Companions for Hire" that is, would they cost even more on... let's say Hardcore? Could you perhaps even be able to "Shut off" the Adventurer's Hall on Hardcore? (In essence: Not being able to hire companions for Hardcore difficulty). * 3rd Adventurer's Hall "Off" on Hardcore? This question is related to the Adventurer's Hall & Hardcore difficulty, or as an option regardless of difficulty. Excluding yourself from the possibility to hire "extras", making the game more difficult naturally and automatically (handicapping yourself, basically). I personally think that if you can turn it "Off" it'd be way more difficult. However, you could just not use it if you don't want to use it, but locking yourself out from it entirely also removes any thoughts of "Backup plans". Without the Adventurers Hall occupying the sub-conscious of the back of your head, it being "Closed" would and should cause even more carefulness in progression of the story. * 4th Why should Economy be affected by higher difficulty? In my opinion, it adds immersion and realism. At least it did for me with BG with Tactics Mods. Finally, this is a lot on "Hardcore", how could it work on easier modes? Is the Adventurers Hall "Free to Hire" on Casual mode?
  3. From the recent GameBanshee interview with Josh Sawyer: The Adventurer's Hall should not be a "money sink"!!! First and foremost, we shouldn't be penalized for wanting to create a custom party. If the developers are looking for a way to limit the number of companions created in the early game, they should limit the number by PC level or story progress (or something else). Second, adventurers want to adventure, right? Not sit around on their butts in the Hall. Why should they demand vast sums of money to join an adventuring party? And if the story is such that the Hall is more-or-less mercenary recruitment (a concept that I don't like), then it should be a small payment with the idea being that the mercenary would share in the spoils (perhaps simply requiring a payment of a certain percentage of the party's gold if and only if removed from the party). Really, we just want to be able to make custom parties without strings attached, plz! Perhaps I'm overreacting, but I consider this *very* important. (I will say that it is getting close to the end of my day, so perhaps I'm more irritable than I should be... but still... grrr...).
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