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Found 10 results

  1. I'm trying to figure out how the relationship between companions is set during conversations. The conversationbundle and stringtable files offer condition checks for the relationship parameters, but nothing that sets them or the reaction strength. Where can I find those?
  2. I'm actually playing my first ever PoE II playthrough so no spoilers pls So Im one of those who likes to play the game with custom adventurers even before completing the game, so i looked into some guides of the game to kinda know what classes work well together and all this and i ended un with a companion that needs the item Fair Favor, So I looked up where i could find the item and found out it was given by Serafen when he gets to relationship 2... And as i alredy said i prefer to play with my own characters so i had literally 0 relationship, searched for some way to get it up to level 2 fast so my adventurer doesn't fall behind in exp and people were talking about some quest that had dialogs that gave relationship with Serafen but i still had to complete the quest, so i went to Fort Deadlight to do Blow the Man Down quest and recive A Sorcerer and a Gentleman and omw there i talked to Serafen to chose how to get into the Fort, after that i cheked if my relationship with Serafen grew and i relized that the Relationship panel had an interaction of the conversation with him i just had about sneaking into the fort and during the time i was talking to him i realized i was able to repeat that sentence all the time so I reremembered the PoE I quest on Gilded Vale where you could get infinite money by repeating the dialogs with the man on the Temple of Eothas and proceed to try if this would work. And you are reading this so... Yes! it worked I guess this dialog will be gone once i get to the fort but if you want to play with adventurers and want the Fair Favor or the Cipher's Shackle this is an easy way I tried to upload a capture of the screen but couldnt manage to do it so i will leave a Gyazo link if someone wants to check ( game is in spanish but the spamed dialog its the one when you talk about finding a way to sneak in) Link: https://gyazo.com/ef61e414fe234689d2cb75a335b5e936 This is my first time posting so if i did something wrong with this post plese let me know. Hf
  3. After the conversation between Xoti and Serafen my Watcher got a couple relationship boosts with each character, despite not participating in the conversation. Their relationships with each other were left unchanged. The conversation was about what Serafen did before becoming a shiphunter.
  4. In the Burning Bridges tasks, when you first encounter Rinco, Eder makes a joke about how he has beat up a lot of people the same way. It seems that the Watcher gets a "Lighthearted" relationship bump for this, even though it was Eder who made the joke. For example, in my game, both Eder and Xoti show a positive reaction to the Watcher for this incident. Since Eder is the one who made the joke, I would expect Xoti to react positively to him, but she does not. It seems to me that this is coded incorrectly.
  5. My main character does not appear to be gaining any reputation points with party members at all. On multiple occasions, with several different companions, I've had the prompt appear indicating that someone approved of what I just said but yet when I check the reputation page on my character sheet it states I have zero points and not a single "quadrant" around their portraits are filled. On the other hand, when a companion approves of another companion's actions they appear to be gaining points and "quadrants" with each other. Edér and Xoti reached a full 1 point after their first interaction. I've only left Port Maje recently and had a chat with everyone on my ship so it's relatively early in the game but that's why I want to know whether my game is working or not before proceeding any further.
  6. My ideal partner would a mix of these two fine women: I can already imagine our perfect moment together. It would a dinner and she would be eating pizza with her patented double claw style. Her: "You know, before I met you I only wanted salami pizza." Me: "And now?" Her: "Now I only want salamus pizza." Me: "You had me at 'pizza'." Then we would live happily ever after.
  7. The purpose of this survey is to show whether you would like to deep relationships in the game or not. This survey relates to such things as romance, love, fear, recpect, frendship or pure hate. It is not about whether the individual components as will or will not apear like "Do you like romances in games" or "do you like friendships in game". It's about WHOLE influence system as one of the game mechanics. We not talk about adding romances etc. We talk about adding influence system even without romances. This topic is not written just to prove that you whant or don't like "romances" or "Sex" in P:E. It's about complex relationships, personal motivations and complexity of human nature. For a perfect example for this system is Alpha Protocol and in some ways Neverwinter Nights 2 system (but not so good in my opinion). In AP we have complex system where friendship or respect will grant you some benefits but also If someone HATE you it also will grand you some benefits (but completly diftent) My goal is to demonstrate Does the complicated relationship like "Enemy that respects you" or "Party member is planning to murder you". It's obvious to me that if you are playing as "lawful good" and you have party member that is "Chaotic evil" then his will always disagree with you and his hate for you will grow day by day will somday will betray you when you least expect thrusting a dagger where it hurts hardest. In other han if you play as "Chaotic Evil" a paladin from your team might jump to comclusion that "World is better without you" and atack you. Im waiting for you answers An please by nice
  8. This is the single consolidated location for discussion about romance and relationship vis-a-vis Project Eternity. Remember that arguing about each other's arguments and opinions is OK, personal attacks or obnoxious disruption is not. Play nice in the sandbox. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 For those new to the forum/topic, here's a few example points of discussion (but not limited to): What type of dynamic, complex character relationships are important to your gaming experience, if any? If you enjoy romances in games, what type of plots do you enjoy or dislike (tragic, happy ending, marriage/family)? What romance or relationship arcs from other games did you personally enjoy that can serve as examples? Do you have any particular, preferred game mechanics for romance/relationships that you'd like to see included (optional questlines, dialogue, cutscenes)? Most recently, Osvir has suggested a poll on romance (see above).
  9. Something that started here: Thats an ingenious idea, there could be some synergy. Not too much but some links. A good example could be a some kind of Demon cult in PE but the actual Demon lives in Numenera Adding another idea for dimensional stuff: - You find a sword without a blade in Eternity, it is a key for some door. Nothing really special about it, it's a key. - In Numenera a Blade appears from nowhere during some side-mission sequence and stabs some guy/thing in the back. Direct reference. What do you think? What I mean with "The Fade" is this: More ideas are things like... mirror characters, one is Corrupted in Eternity, the other is Pure in Numenera, but it is clear (if you play both games) that they are the same character! They could be different "perspectives" of different characters. Mirrors. EDIT: Discussion thread over at Numenera Forums. What do you, Eternity fans/developers, feel about this sort of relationship?
  10. Another cup of tea thread! This time it's about relationship between you and your favorite oppositions. If your choice is not included and/or if your relationship is one-sided, feel free to comment
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