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  1. This has been a huge problem for lots of people since this games launch. On all platforms. Obsidian's response has been : We know about it. We feel your pain. We've got your money. Wait for the patch. Bloody rubbish!
  2. been having the same problem on my PS3 since day one. Lots of people are. On all platforms. Supposed to be patched. No word when. This sucks big time. Obsidian, WAKE UP and FIX THIS!
  3. It's happening across all platforms. Please, enough already! Fix the damn thing.
  4. I can't get past it on PS3. Very frustrating. Definite game breaker.
  5. I'm having the same problem on PS3. It's ridiculous. It seems to be happening on all platforms. Very frustrating.
  6. Can't get past the second anal probe in Alien Abduction. Mashing the X button on my PS3 forever. Please fix this. It seems to be happening on all platforms.
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