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  1. Armor reduces damage by a flat amount, so if your opponent has more armor that you do damage, you do 1 damage. Power Attacks help get through this, but don't help so much that you can get away with just doing that. Grab the Katana from Jimbo's store, it destroys 200 armor every perfect attack, and there is a strap-on that also does this. If you want to bypass armor, afflicting Burn and Bleed is your best bet since they do Damage over Time, and a LOT of it. grab a ranged weapon, either a bow or a bounce/splash thrown weapon and get burn/bleed strap ons for it, there's a hubcap thing that inflicts bleed on it's own and is really good, also the Battle Bow does fire damage and has a slot for a Bleed strap-on Gross Out is good but doesn't affect nazi zombies, the Mage class's Dragonfire melts away armor when fully upgraded which is amazing, but other than that debuffs and armor destruction is your best bet.
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