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  1. Here lies dyslexic Arnie I was offered to be named Isacc Fire They said I could write my own tones Little did I know I'd have to be nails Rap once to pay spectres, twice to awake the dead. Ok so that was horrible and easily decipherable. Tells a very short story and a connotation wherever it is. Plus an homage to an old title. If I thought about it for more than a min I'd do a better job.
  2. Just me hoping for an X:COM reskin with Fallout tactics characters? Yep, I thought so.
  3. Thought I'd add to this regardless. What makes an NPC memorable? For me it's the voice acting. Characters like Leonardo Da Vinci and Torquemada from Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusader; Morrigan, Alister and Sten from Dragon Age; Bastila, Malak and HK-47 from KotoR 1 and Kreia and Atton (HK-47 again too) from KotoR 2 all had great voices which suited the character perfectly without being cliched. On the other hand Wynne and Oghren (Steve Blum is a great voice actor, but typecast so much), Carth and Canderous, Disciple, Handmaiden and Visas were all weaker characters (to me) because t
  4. Building a party yourself doesn't necessarily exclude them from having personalities. There are two ways to handle this. Either RP each of them yourself or dialogue can be written for personality types which is a choice at creation, however granted both of these are severely limiting.
  5. I'd say that the number of choices does matter, and more so that the impact that the choice has. With each one, no matter how seemingly small or even with the same outcome as other choices, it shapes who your character is for RP aspects. If you treat this as a dungeon grind for lewts, sure each of these choices seem inconsequential as they won't unlock content for you but if your character is a rogue that at least *tries* to talk his way out of danger, even if he doesn't succeed, you are shaping how your character reacts in a situation.
  6. So I was reminiscing about the days slaughtering darkspawn alongside Sten and Alister. Dragon Age Origins was released back in (I think) 2009 and yet it still holds some of my fondest memories of gaming. The reason: the NPC's. This game much like Pillars of Eternity is centered around a believable world and having it populated by a variety of characters, akin to real life. As a writer myself, characterisation isn't an easy thing to do. On the one hand, you have the job of making the NPCs that the main character is interacting with as relatable and realistic as possible, on the other you al
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