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  1. I think a lot of the day-one people who wanted the game pre-ordered it, either through Fig or via the pre-order page on Steam. There's likely a large number of people who are interested in the game who are simply waiting for a sale.
  2. So the only physical reward I requested was the Guidebook. I've already received the PDF file of the full guidebook but the physical one hasn't arrived yet. I'm assuming they are doing an all-or-none style shipping method? I mean I could understand *some* physical rewards not being ready, but it's crazy that almost 3 weeks later I haven't heard of anything being shipped out. I'm just antsy about the lack of communication because I don't trust packages just being left on my doorstep, I like to have at least some idea of when to expect something so I know to look for it. Please Obsidian upda
  3. I ordered the game digitally but I wanted the hardcover guidebook to go with Volume 1, was just curious if there was any confirmation that the guidebook would be ready and ship by May 8th when the game launches or if there will be a delay on it? Just would like to know when to start looking out for it
  4. I'll be honest, the OP does bring up points I myself am concerned about, but given my experience with lower levels in IE games I expect a sense of blandness to begin with, and a higher degree of customization and control as you level. I can't speak from experience as I'm still early in the game but I think this game thematically operates on the same principle of a narrow road early on opening up to a much wider array of choices later much in the same way it gates content early to keep you on story beats but then opens up to really feel out the exploration. More importantly, due to the supp
  5. I was supposed to have those on my account as well, and they are missing from the Products page here on Obsidian's site. Hi guys, thanks for letting us know. This should hopefully be fixed in the next 15-20 minutes or so. It was indeed an issue on our end with the Digital Download Plus tier, specifically. Visit the Products tab and they should show up in a bit. Apologies for the inconvenience! Thanks, Darren Thank you for fixing this, they are now showing up properly in my products section
  6. Yep, same boat as you. Digital Download Plus doesn't seem to be referenced anywhere in the FAQs for conversion, but seems as they it SHOULD map to Royal, but doesn't. Maps to Hero.. and post-release today, my product page is missing the entries you listed. Frustrating! I can't remember where exactly but I believe it was mentioned that Kickstarter Hero Edition is not the same as just regular Hero Edition. True that Digital Download Plus (which I have) is equivalent in rank to the Royal Edition in terms of rewards, but I think the main differences in the Kickstarter Editions are sligh
  7. I have the same version you do, and I also do not have the Wallpapers, Map, Art, or Ringtones in my products section OR in the Steam folder for PoE.
  8. Just to clarify, have these rewards been released yet: Digital Novella by Chris Avellone. Digital High-Res Game Map. Digital High-Res Concept Art Pieces. Wallpapers for Multiple Monitors. Pillars of Eternity Themed Ringtones. or are we still waiting on them? I have access to all my other content (sans the documentary which I understand is taking time) but I haven't found any links or info regarding these backer rewards?
  9. minor spoilers... When i arrived at Gilded Vale and first encountered Aloth and his confrontation with the drunkards, I ended up having to fight and kill three angry townspeople, immediately after which I tried to talk to Aloth and I got dialogue suggesting we'd spoken before "Welcome back to Gilded Vale" and an option to ask him to join my party, there was literally no introduction for the character, he just joined. So assuming a bug, I reloaded, went through basically the same motions, and the same routine killing the drunkards, and he initiated dialogue properly. It does appear
  10. First no otters, now no key 2 days early? How dare Obsidian not live up to their unspoken promises! My excitement is palpable.
  11. Just a clarification, usually pre-load games just install the essential game files and while they may encrypt these, typically they just don't release the primary executable (.exe) until game release, which is typically a much smaller download.
  12. I realize it may be a bit early to ask this question but I was curious if there had been any official confirmation from the devs on relative size of the game world and expected length to play? Like should I be expecting a campaign at least as long as Baldur's Gate II with that level of 'additional content" in terms of side-quests and non-critical exploration areas or what? Just curious if there's any info already out there to give us an indication of how much time a single campaign might take in the game both a pure story clear and completionist run.
  13. I don't think Obsidian or Paradox wants to deal with the torrent of angry e-mails carefully constructed and worded carefully by loyal fans frothing at the mouth while waiting for their 14GB download to finish while the non-backer peons are already chest-deep into the character creation screen. Cause you know, priorities. Honestly though as long as I get my key by Thursday I'll be content, though earlier would be cool too... *hint hint*
  14. It's like naming a child, but usually far less stressful since you don't gotta worry about bullies beating them up over a silly name (well you probably do actually) but just come up with what sounds cool. A fun way to do it is smash nouns together that kind of encompass what your character is about like "Blonde haired monster slayer" and find translations in other languages for those words or even made-up languages like Elvish. Maldafindl Uuvanimondengina might be a tad long though, so just play around with it.
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