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  1. Based on the developer vids I saw to date I'd say it doesn't much matter insofar as worrying about micromanagement or not. As that is what you will be doing in serious fights anyway, commanding the entire team to do action x at various times n the fight as you hit pause or using auto pause. I heard one of the devs comment to a query at a conference that the AI for the party isn't (i'm paraphrasing here) all that great. I take from that and what I saw in vids so far that at any difficulty besides easy you will want to direct all your party members actions. So, I'll pick whatever to start and run with it.
  2. I have no idea how to reply after reading the OP, which I failed to read completely. That gave me a headache. I say, use the KISS principle. Keep It Simple Stupid. easy, medium, Hard, HARDCORE as in perma death. If that fits in anyway.
  3. Well, I only speak English but have had experience with "Spanish' speakers that come from south of the border over the many years. I recall working in a shop where we had a number of guys working who were from Mexico. They all could speak 'Spanish'. However I remember them having a very hard time communicating with some of our customers who were from south of the border and spoke no English. Eventually they worked it out but.. took a lot of yammering and a lot of pointing. The varieties of "Spanish" south of the border appear to be quite diverse. The SPanish we learned in High School in the USA was Castillian Spanish, quite useless I understand for attempting to speak with denizens from south of Texas border. I presume the Spanish used in this game is most likely based on classical, aka Castillian Spanish. If they were to try and convert for all versions, they would go broke. Hell, I have a hard time understanding some Englishmen as their variety of English is too tilted for my ears (Texan ears) and brain to grok.
  4. Other, as in whatever is the biggest market for them. Considering costs that has to be taken into account.
  5. I forgot about this. Since I'm a Wasteland backer already I guess I'll have a extra key to hand out if this follows thru. Sweet.
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