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  1. Feargus and OE obviously need PR management. KOTOR II is mostly a good game but OE and LA are both guilty of rushing a PC GOTY and STAR WARS game to market for the benefit of Christmas sales and xbox-MS interests. The result has been a gross mismanagement of a high profile entertainment product of which many PC gamer enthusiasts have cried foul. It appears OE and LA are determined to remain obstinate in face of the consumers they very depend. PC gamers with their latest video cards, gig of ram, gighz processors are not going to continue in the slightest to accept xbox-console leftovers an
  2. What a crappy post by the original thread starter, the guy is a idiot on top of that its obvious he is on CRACK.
  3. ~D --> refrain talking to me directly in a thread addressed to Feargus. For your information my moniker "manitsbuggy" refers to my first 20 minutes with KOTOR II and my ATI video card which I had to take out and replace with a geforce to get the game to work. So what the hell are you talking about? Why do you care? I was not condescending at all to Feargus. Apparently he thinks people are unnecessarily trashing his game and he wants to move on and forget it. The PC version just came out 2-weeks ago, no effort or purpose was ever intended to provide any level of content apparent
  4. Actually the whole way this is being handled is reminiscent of what must of gone down when the ending was decided. They made the wrong decision and went for the short-term solution. The same decision process that brought us the rushed ending is working here now. Nothing has changed.
  5. We feeling sorry for OE now? LOL what a joke who is next LA? I say let em burn, reap what you sow. STALKER MORROWIND III THE BARDS TALE ANDREAS PC GOTHIC III I say good riddance last thing I need or want is a 50+ hour game that ends like this. Working with LA you should of done the ending first. THE END. What are we paying for, you to learn your trade? Enough, I got matches.
  6. Its in Announcements right above Forum topics Feargus talks about having to close the forums. Hell I must of missed it yesterday but I seen it today. I demand that Feargus sacrifice his second newborn baby to the God's of Gaming. If they close the forums its like total admission and undeniable acceptance of the inevitable rush of the fan base. It is poetic. It is the ending they could not muster for KOTOR II.
  7. Thats a weak ass way of saying it but ya they are going to close the forums. Could we be a litte less vague? I will try. We are going to close the forums because it is bad publicity for us, Bioware, and LA. We have no coments. Bye Bye P.S. We thought we could release a follow up game to a Game of the Year about Star Wars without a ending and nobody would notice. Star Wars, Game of the Year who would of thought the fan base would of noticed? P.S. You all just dont understand the business. Sniff. -------------------------------- I say get your RANT in befo
  8. The Jedi Code There is no emotion; there is peace. There is no ignorance; there is knowledge. There is no passion; there is serenity. There is no death; there is the Force I think a light side jedi is suppost to have faith in his master, the council and the force. I think a light side jedi if he/she follows the code has no emotion but to serve the bigger picture. In the case of the exile its to help the galaxy, the republic, the people of the republic in any way he/she can. In the case of the light side jedi they put themselves last in this order of things. They feel no ur
  9. draakh_kimera, I was posting in a thread titled, "Cut Ending Stuff" at Obsidian Forums about KOTOR II. Then you rushed in all loud, and offensive and told everyone to shut up. Either you want attention or you are drunk or retarded. Either way, 280,000 sold on the first day warrants dicussion. You however can feel free to go back outside and finish your blunt. To the ones with a brain I say, "Yes the modders will do it." OE deserves nothing but what they deserve. At some point in the future it might be advantegous to have a sticky titled, "Progress of the Sith Revised Ending MOd
  10. I always like it. There is always someone who stands up and says,"They dont owe us anything." "You got what you paid for." "YOu dont like it leave." Boring. It does not excuse the fundamental error in judgment of money above art. Some would say its balls. Some call it pride. I am so sure Lucas Arts can be a real pain but the very fact alot of the missing stuff is included on the cd's is enough to disgust. Your right they dont owe us. If you want to be a lawyer about it. Lets pretend we are pc gamers and this is a hobby and here we have a art form. In this case its cracked. But
  11. Hello, reality check. This was the follow up to KOTOR I, "RPG Game of the Year". A game based on freaking Star Wars. Sad truth is the game is broken. The game has no ending. Without the knowledge of the missing dialogue and cutscenes I was left with a wtf feeling. I dont know about your character but my character was left on a rock, a rock in space, outer space. The game is rediculously easy. You could beat this game with no equipment and just force powers. A nude Sith Lord or Jedi Master with Mandalore and Anton or Bao-Dur using their fists acting as meatshields.But we all still love it.
  12. I aplogize I meant Visas Marr, my head has been slow today. "Basically it was me Sith Maurader, Mandalore, and Atris. But Atris was on stationary stance and I dont think she did anything the whole battle. Mandalore shot a few times with his onderon blaster but I think he missed every time" Should of been Visas. Right before you talk to Mandalore to take shuttle to Ravenger I think she says something she was already in my party and I had planned on taking her onboard the Ravenger to meet Nihilius but I dont even know if you have a choice in the matter. She said something like, "Yo
  13. I do think its a little excessive the lines, the greying of the skin in KOTOR II. In KOTOR I, I kind of thought it was more a visual representation to the PC player of what the character was like on the inside. Because I dont ever remember anyone mentioning it to much. But in Kotor II quite a few people told me I looked pretty rough. One guy asked me if there was a plague going around. Another guy said he had some lotion for my face looked like the back end of a animals butt. In Kotor I I dont remember that happening but its been awhile. Eyes turning yellow, yes. Turning of the
  14. I played darkside and I had forgotten I do remember he charged that beast which I killed in like maybe 5 swings. The beast killed him and I think I remember looking back and thinking that was odd. Also when you charge the Sith, does not the TFC Lieut. bite it on Telos? He says, "We will charge after you go." I did a Master Force Jump and they never moved I run after killing all of them and they finally come forward when I run toward the original Sith position, maybe it was a mine. Thought that was funny. Anyway he does show up on Ravenger, you might almost barely miss him unless your
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