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  1. Hello Forums, It has been a long wait and my memory is dull on this subject matter. Will those of us that Backed the game back in Feb of 2014 still getting the game with the 35 dollar backing? I saw that the pre-order price was about 10 dollars more so I was hoping to have some light shed on this. Thanks.
  2. How would you feel about an antagonist that is painted in a bad light and does in fact do evil things but their end goal is actually heroic?
  3. Hello all, I have made a small survey on SPRG's and would like some folks to participate! Survey here If you do fill it out I will greatly appreciate it!! Thank you for your time.
  4. So I am curious what people think makes for a good character. Companions, Key Characters, and Antagonists.
  5. I am pretty sure we all know that. I made the mistake of not throwing this in the general chat forums since it was intended to spark a general debate over the subject, not just for PoE.
  6. It can also plant me firmly in the anti group. You do know that the rush of chemicals is addictive, right? And that a bunch of the people at the BioWare forums do show symptoms of addiction, right? And that you show symptoms of addiction too, right? That's a reason behind the complaints that the OP didn't use SCIENCE™ for the against argument, in fact. Also don't quote me while I'm still editing my post The large reason why I did not facet Science into the against argument is because I would want to go over a different aspect than just human biology, there was just nothing I could think of adding. You -could- consider the against argument as business science but that might be a stretch there. At any rate I do not there is a human out there that does not have some sort vice. I would imagine that humans by nature have addictive personalities.
  7. You made a very complicated question quite simple and said it in a way that shouldn't offend or confuse anyone but is very true, nice one Let it go people. It is no longer a debate. No matter what is said, no matter what polls are shown, no matter how much you moan, their is no romance in PoE. *there... At any rate we are well aware of that fact I think most of this has blown over by now to be honest.
  8. Yeah, I've got SoZ but haven't had the time to get past the party creation bit yet, didn't realise the strategic element was that strong. You've bumped it up my list to finally play. It starts out pretty cool, but ends up being very broken by the end game. I feel silly for asking but what is SoZ short for?
  9. Then behold, because it can be found here. Enjoy your read. You may have noticed that the conclusion of that analysis was to say that Tali's sweat was pleasant and aphrodisiac and just plain better than that of humans. Basically, the post used SCIENCE™ to prove Why Tali Is A Better Waifu Than The Rest, in a context of fans talking and gushing about her character, which is why that post has become infamous and an example of lonely Bioware fans that have crossed the line into creepy obsessiveness. And now you come here and try to use SCIENCE™ to put having romances as a good thing, which is why the comparisons started coming up. Look, I can understand your desire to let it out and write about your feelings about this topic, because as time has shown people have a lot of strong and very different feelings about it. But you have to be mindful about what you're saying and where. You say that people over-reacted to your analysis and took it the wrong way. I say that what happened is because of your analysis itself, as it is faulty and misplaced. It's faulty because it's incomplete and biased, as Hiro Protagonist II pointed out, and i'ts misplaced because you put it in a forum where people just don't want to talk about this topic anymore. That is why you got that reaction. Hopefully it's clearer now. I used science under the impression that maybe people would have found a bit more respect for the research and digging I did into the subject matter. Had I known about the creepy ass Tali sweat analysis I would have just remained quiet. This was like posting about religion in an atheist forum almost, nothing but ridicule and mockery. Which dont get me wrong, it does not really bother me in anyway as it is just the internet. What more would you want in an argument against a romance that is scripted and written outside of budgetary availability and writer's abilities? Those are two extremely powerful reasons when compared to; "Oh you might get another X amount of units sold... and here are some sciency reasons why.." If no one wanted to talk about it then it is as simple as not replying to the thread. All that did was keep it up on the front page instead of letting it fall into obscurity.
  10. Lol saying that is just flat out stupid. Two words Science - Fiction Against argument = Any Game Devs reasons.
  11. I have not seen the Tali Sweat thread actually. At any rate I was discussing those biological points because they do play a large part of why people play video games or really do anything. Sure it might have been a little far to go that much into it but both businesses and game companies will use psychology in some form to develop games. Conscious or not. Not taking human behavior and reactions into account when making a horror game such as Dead Space would be quite different if you did not look into what makes humans fear things. Same thing can be said with romance or thriller games. People just over-reacted to the analysis and took it the wrong way it seems.
  12. "Forsooth, methinks you are no ordinary talking chicken!" Yes, well, um, no. AFAIK Eternity is not going to be a sugary high-fantasy like "World of Warcraft". I am aware.... a man can dream though
  13. A walking mushroom cat that shoots toxic spores from its ass does sound a little cool..
  14. No I meant a dinosaur raptor. Though... elemental wolves could be cool... Frost Wolf Cinder Wolf Stone Wolf ... ..... Volt Wolf I guess an elemental golem in animal form now that I think about it o.O
  15. For those craving Romance -now- check out Agarest on Steam. Its a decent srpg with romance and what not inlaid into it.... think Final Fantasy Tactics with a dating sim in it haha. I think its 15.99. They are making an Age of Wonders 3, you might like checking that out man.
  16. I was explaining it through psychology and biology. You might not quite understand why I did that, but think about it a moment.... games are just something people play for challenges and memories. Both of which link up to your head, so in reality that was actually the best way of explaining it as opposed to a pity party about wanting romance. Which again if you read the post fully you would know that is not what I was even remotely doing.
  17. Alright man, its obvious you know best. You are 100% correct there is no science or ideas of science explored and implemented into video games at all.
  18. Are you naive? Do you have any idea about the research that goes into a game in pre-production? Without science you wouldn't even have video games to play. So before saying something like that think a moment. Sure it might not be a modern or sci fi setting but you can guarantee yourself that there is some science behind the game. @Monte Thank you for actually joining the conversation. Anyways in regards to your post there I will definitely agree that writing for games (Especially with choice trees and all that jazz) is not easy. Every enabled decision for the player costs money, so yes it comes down to budget and writing ability. I would think that something like romance in an RPG should be a concrete decision within the pre-production and idea stages of the game. That way they are planned for and can be implemented better.
  19. It is apparent that you did not even read the Original post in its entirety then. Also from what I have seen on the forums you have no intellectual additions to any of the threads you are posting in, that said, open your eyes and brain and start reading what people say before opening your virtual mouth. It would do you a great deal of good buddy.
  20. Don't forget the mega dungeon, we don't know the size of its floors.
  21. Sawyer's said that the paladin woman we've seen the portrait for is "widely believed" to be in the image of the goddess of birds, so guessing so. Doubt they're all playable though - seems more likely we'll get few "ethnicities" like there are for the mundane races. Quite possible, I mean I don't think we even know the number of Gods in this game yet. I know of two or three for sure.
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