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  1. From the references to the Fighter as "she" and the portrait we get the official canon fighter class party-member is a woman. If I remember right from earlier posts, we can customize our own original party members like in Icewind Dale but the only party members which'll have their own non-romantic quests, barkstrings, and conversation nodes are the premade characters, correct?
  2. What game has a blue-eyed protagonist? The common template seems to be stubbly brown hair on the head and face + brown eyes. Avoiding any kind of hair style, facial or other, or rare traits like red hair and freckles or blonde hair. The only place blonde hair'd characters is popular in videogames is Japan and they don't depict their characters look cartoony. I'd find a ginger, blonde, or albino character a refreshing change from the Nth brunette.
  3. On the contrary, the interviews I've seen have been from guys who've gushed sentiments like, "I loved BG and y'all's old work on games like Planescape so much! This's going to be similarily good right?" As for journalism, ah'd define it as investigating a matter to locate an original story and present the primary evidence which led you to the interpretation you share with your readers. In other words, investigative journalism is the only true journalism. Most "journalists" are talking heads, fluctuating their intonation at random while reading from a cue card, regurgitating what they saw on other news sites but with more exaggerated provocative claims, or compiling lists of what an online search turned up. Recognize interviews serve mainly as advertising exposure which's why interview formats have been used to make presentations for videogames and other products in videos made in-house to hype customers before release.
  4. Since we're on ID 2, y'all tell me if I was n00bing it up. Ah played ID 2 and uninstalled it during the area where you've to collect marked stones from different generals and the enemies respawn endlessly until you kill a general of their type. I'd went through several dungeons without a vendor. Every party member was maxed-out in carrying capacity. We sorely needed a merchant to unload our wares and restock on magic bullets. Was there a vendor I missed? An option to trade anywhere in the game without needing an NPC vendor? Here's our answer. Part of the fun in games like Knights of the Old Republic 2 was swapping-in neglected party members later in the game to experiment with them. If they didn't gain any experience while inactive this wouldn't be an option. Only the guy who lands the killing blow getting combat xp for defeating an enemy can be against the player's will as it doesn't give credit where it's due. Relying on such a mechanic's also limiting as the weakest party member you want to play the background needs to risk himself vs higher-level-gap foes than the other party members faced to get where they are.
  5. Ah liked the Godwhatsit for originality and the aquamen have their Deep Ones appeal but Pale Elves with a Frisian-inspired language are too cool to pass up. An I usually hate elves. On a semi-related note (doesn't seem worth a new thread) any locals or team members can give me an idea how the following party composition will sit? I'm wondering what the strenghts and weaknesses of such a party composition would be: PC = Cipher Barbarian Monk Druid Priest Ranger Are there any areas of functionality like DPS or durability where this party would be overkill? Any areas it's especially weak like trap-dismantling or stealth? My thinking was: Cipher b/c it's an original class, gotta sink my teeth into that, Barbarian + Monk b/c they're the off-beat melee men, Druid and Priest for likewise being the shorter-list more specialized (potent?) spellcasters, and Ranger for dat dps (in my experience range is worth more than backstabbing). How does the anti-thesis of this party stand in balance Chanter Rogue Wizard Fighter Paladin Chanter and Rogue would overlap in trap handling, stealth, etc. ah reckon making them either redundant or needing to specialize in different ways. Chanter + Paladin might mean some strong buff stacking while the Fighter and Paladin have to pull a lot of tanking weight for a squishy party. The Wizard and Fighter in being more straight might be able to carry more in their roles than more multi-role classes, though this's all specialization. If ah were to swap-out a class from the build ah currently have in mind it'd probably be the Druid, with his hippiemancy, for the Paladin, to gain another frontline fighter, the versatility of his healing + the priest's, and some group-buffs. But ah speculate classes not meant to buff the group are stronger in their roles for balance-sake. On a related note, who can take the pain the best? The fighter with his stamina regeneration? Barbarians with their health:stamina ratio reduction? Or Monks with their wound-hacks? When it comes time to actually play ah'm not looking for an optimized party. I'll probably keep party-members around (or kick them) just based on how much ah like the characters. In that regard, any mercenary-thug archetype characters in the tradition of Korgan, Hk-47, Black Whirlwind, and Wrex? Any Love Interests among the fem party members?
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