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  1. For D&D medieval storyline I like the no-battle Morrowind soundtrack.
  2. I can only have access to my 1st char-saves by deleting those of my ongoing 2nd char. Weird.
  3. You missed in the final "for Brianna!" too, and that's should be the way she would be called in the story since the handmaiden status was long gone. Bastila is hot, Visas is sensual, Brianna is cute and Mira (Kira?) is sexy. Take your pick. And Atris is not an option in the story since she was dead. Presuming all the others would survive the KotOR2 storyline-ending...
  4. Quoting: "spell? mana?" OMG...
  5. A bit of gravity gun of Half Life 2 as Force Power would be funny. And if you have HK-47 or T3 on your party you could trow them too! Get this: "Ironic statement: Here I go, again. If only the meatbag weared clothes instead of durasteel armour..." or "weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee"
  6. Revan just for the storyline twist in the middle of the game when my jaw dropped on the keyboard.
  7. But KOTORs... ARE... movies. You just get to choose a way trough its storyline. Or you skipped the big Star Wars intro?
  8. I just wish for a logical ending for the storyline AND less item randomization.
  9. Then it would be an hack-n-slash and not a pure RPG-paper emulation. Not funny. You can always play any of the Jedi Knight series, good games too but in a different perspective. "O-blivion" to your idea then.
  10. Mind Crush? Why not Force Crush only on the brain? It would be funny to see it squeeze out of the ears and popping out their eyeballs, flying frontward...
  11. Colors missing: cyan (light blue as viridian to green) and orange/bronze (2 crystals with the same colour, I wonder if equal to gold). I would wield a lightsaber with a viridian crystal and a single hilt, but the hilt would be almost as long as a double-bladed lightsaber, for an exquisite dueling with both hands. It would be fully leathered in black, being the tips small and in a silvered-metal. The blade-tip would be slightly heavier and the end-tip would have a small inscription of some Jedi/Sith significance (any sugestions?).
  12. The 1st time I played the game I think I've found Revan's Robes (DS only I guess), can anyone confirm this? And for shure the "head-thingy" of Saresh (KotOR1 remember?), for my LS Jedi Master.
  13. Brianna and Atton can become Jedi/Sith. What about Mira?
  14. Here's a couple of mine. Tolkien-based.
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