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  1. It just came out 2 days ago ... go to lucasforums.com and look under the knights board
  2. even if so the DEVs dont support mods or the making of them so they may not even bother to help you BIO was the same way
  3. Ok sooo who here prepaid for this beta version of TSL? I am also hearing people say that this is not a beta version but with all the bugs and all it cant be a finished version. anywho while we wait for the finished version " who has a bug with force sight and the force fury powers? 1 force sight done work at all when I use it I dont see any glow around people nor do i see the fog. 2 force fury dont show any thing and its noteven giving me the bonus to my attack Help with this please
  4. But but wheres cat woman?!?! Wheres jhoni or however you spell it
  5. Can someone do me a big favor and post the specs here the kotor2 site went all retarted on me and wont work and the support page on lucas arts dont say what plugin I need =(
  6. mmm no the game cover says 4000 years before the galatic Empire sooooo yea I guess it could be before the phantom menace give or take about.....50 years
  7. It's already on it's way I know tk102 has been working on it and the adjustments are very minor. You won't wait long <{POST_SNAPBACK}> In that case YAY Hello robes and saber crystals
  8. Yea his fighting looked like Jedi fighting rather than that stuff revan did.
  9. Ok let me guess all you guys that have this problem have patch 1.3? right? if so then its the patch I have 2 copys of the game on my HD and the unpatched one works fine with the droids peace talk the 1.3 seems bugged
  10. Did any of you guys when fighting darth malak in kotor 1 that some of his feats and moves are kinda the same as the players in kotor2s (meaning why cant the players of kotor 1 have his moves =( ) see malaks master powerstrike was like the flip power strike of kotor2s
  11. Ahhhhh yes I have a save game editor but how soon will one beready for the PC release? hmm thats the question to ask the guy who made it said him self he didnt know how soon he could do it seeing as its registry code will be differnt from kotor2s
  12. *aside from converting to the light side Revan force chokes aktus*
  13. Will there be a Cheat system like that of kotor 1s ? to change the stats on the player or to spawn items in the players inventory ?
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