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  1. rp/immersionwise yes oh I can't see you despite the fact that you're clearly right there because the game imposes vision ranges that make no sense and ruin the suspension of disbelief? The fog ruins immersion, it doesn't improve it. The only place where the current fog range makes sense is inside dungeons. It makes absolutely no sense outdoors and is far more harmful to immersion than any visual conception of aggro range, lol.
  2. Sight range and aggro range have nothing to do with eachother, you can already approach in sight of enemies without being attacked, and you can approach right on top of them while stealthed without being attacked. An increase in sight range would not mean enemies need to aggro on you at any greater range than they do now.
  3. For some reason every character in this game is legally blind. The sight radius being something like 20 meters is absolutely absurd and seriously damages the ability to enjoy the surroundings and art in the game. It feels like every location is a super dark, claustrophic dungeon, even in the middle of the day... IMO this is one of the biggest mistakes in the game, it can't be overemphasized how much this damages the visuals, atmosphere, and feel of the game.
  4. After acquiring the Druid companion I'm absolutely horrified at just how bad Wizard spells are in comparison. Like, all of spell level 2 on Wizard is borderline worthless. With the exception of Fan of Flames(and even then, Winter Wind is pretty close...) Druids just deal more damage than Wizards do at greater range and with better utility. Blizzard, a level 2 Druid spell deals 30-50 damage. Fireball deals 25-35. Fireball is a spell level higher, has less range, and has no debuff attached to it. W T F? Druids also for some reason have significantly more range, which means they can cast much more safely on higher difficulties. And they have Endurance restore and other fairly decent defensive spells. I'm seriously just at a loss to comprehend how anyone thought these spell lists were balanced. Especially the level 2 and 3 Wizard offensive spells. They're just...embarrassingly BAD.
  5. Regardless of the difficulty setting, I think it's pretty obvious the early level Wizard spells are majorly messed up. Fan of Flames deals so much more damage than anything else(even level 3 spells!!!), even nerfed Slicken is still better than Binding Web, and the level 2 spells in general are extremely underwhelming. I think the entire 1st and 2nd Wizard spell levels need rebalancing. It's disappointing to see random changes like this. The Mind Blades change is sort of silly, but it doesn't seem that impactful to me(and my PC is a Cipher on Hard) because Soul Shock's damage is even higher than Mind Blades was. And yeah it was easier to target Mind Blades, but not _that_ much easier.
  6. Combat in that engine looks absolutely ridiculous. They try to position it as 'realistic' and 'skill-intensive' but all I see are people flailing away at eachother almost randomly. It's hard to imagine they have a good control scheme for that. Without the combat, which obviously can't work with multiple characters, I don't see what the physics would really add to a party-based RPG, and certainly content development would be considerably more resource intensive in such an engine.
  7. You need Unity Pro + this Unity project: http://rien-ici.com/iemod/asset_editor You load up the asset bundle you want to change (for example, fireball.unity3d was what I wanted to change because the lower damage compared to Noxious Burst pissed me off), and here comes the tedious part. 1) Re-save the original file without making any changes. This will wreck the textures, causing purple stuff. 2) Make your changes, and then save this as a second file like fireball - changed.unity3d 3) Load up both files in a hex editor that allows file comparison(such as Neo) and compare them. This lets you isolate only the mechanical changes and avoid the ones that break textures. 4) Using the hex editor, load up the original, unmodified file from PoE in the hex editor, and apply the changes that you isolated in Step 3. And there you go.
  8. This is broken(breaks textures so everything shows up purple), but I've figured out how to mod spells without breaking them like this(it's pretty tedious), however I don't have the old values for Mind Blades. E: Nm, the original author has started to update his files so they work with the current version.
  9. It's really unfortunate that this never went in, it does really mess with sword and board characters
  10. I agree. The fog of war is really overdone in outdoor areas.
  11. Yeah this is a problem when playing in well lit rooms... and the gamma setting is very limited so you can't compensate.
  12. There are multiple references to this being a planned feature... but I can't for the life of me figure it out. How do you put 1 weapon in two different sets, so for example you can keep your shield in two sets and just switch your one-hand weapon?
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