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  1. *facepalm* Game design doesn't work that way. I've read a lot of stuff you've written but this is the clearest example of you having no idea what you're talking about. Please stop. If it gets nerfed, so what? The problem that I keep seeing people talk about on these forums is that none of you have any direction with your criticisms or "advice". All of you seem to live in this fantasy land where you can see into the future and with your omniscient understanding you proclaim whether something is "objectively correct" or not. By what valid logical criteria can you demonstrate that "an objective nerf validates an objective buff"? Because honestly that's literally false. If your sense for game balance is to naively move things around an equal sign then take it from me, you are wrong. You want a buff that makes sense? How about increase the casting range of a Friend-Or-Foe AoE spell so that you can properly position with it? Oh wait they're already doing that. *And thanks to the fellow who posted the /refresh link to gog.com. It's working now.
  2. Is there any word on how soon this patch will be distributed to gog.com? The weekend is coming up and it would be nice to be able to play with these fixes over the weekend. I should also probably submit a ticket about not having my kickstarter bonus items on my gog.com account too.
  3. I didn't even know you weren't supposed to rest after every few battles in BG1/2 until i visited this forum. I mean, it seemed logical. Why would my Wizard/Sorc auto-attack? He's not a ranger. Can you show me where this was considered cheating/exploiting? Or is it just your opinion? It is commonly considered that "spamming rest" might not have been the intent in the game. The two main arguments against it would probably be: 1) Since the game is based on D&D, it doesn't follow that rest spamming is a valid tactic and 2) Within the atmosphere and setting in the game, spending months not saving the world because instead you're resting after every fight also doesn't really follow. The argument for it is rather obvious: it's an effective tactic so abuse it like any rational and intelligent gamer would. No one really chastises anyone else for spamming rest in BG1/2, it's a good tactic so use it. However it should be pretty obvious that it is sort of an unfair advantage. BG1/2 are very very easy to cheese, it's just the nature of these games (why fight when I can run into a doorway and trivialize some hard fight to pew pew pew behind my fighter?) I played through the entirety of BG1 2 weeks ago in preparation for PoE and my personal preference is to rest as little as possible, because it's more fun to actually try and manage health and resources like spells than it is to simply rest after every fight. BG1 also doesn't have a hotkey for it which BG2 does and I'm way too lazy to move my mouse all the way down to the lower left every time lol. In BG1 Neera was basically useless for most of the game, and in fact it was a little frustrating that the game doesn't supply a half decent way of prepping a mage like her for combat. Having a THAC0 of 23 with a sling/darts for a good chunk of the game was annoying >_>
  4. This is fantastic stuff, I'm very glad to hear it. I'm just starting to get the drastically longer load and save times (over 5+ seconds) and I am hoping that will go back to how it was when I first installed the game. Biggest thing for me is the increased ranges on Wizard spells. Reading every spell, I was very sad to see so many of them be 5 or 6m range. Nerfing Slicken and Chill Fog is good, they were far too useful compared to everything else. Ever since hitting level 9 every encounter has seen Aloth simply be the spam Slicken/Chill Fog (order depending on enemy position and defense stats) and the odd time use something else. Mind Blades nerf is probably good, the only thing I do with Grieving Mother was spam that, and then use a bow for fast attacks to get enough Focus to cast it again. I don't think I've had more than 2-3 fights last to the point where she's needed to cast it more than 4 times. I'm looking forward to some of these issues being ironed out so that my next playthrough on PotD will be even better. Hard mode is waaaayyyy too easy :/
  5. Enabling pause on enemy sighted might help, since visual range is slightly larger than combat range. So you'll see the pause, and then you can decide to move around a bit, and then stealth to get your melee chars a bit closer. As for the monk thing, afaik the wounds mechanic provides %DR which means they're inherently tank-y so combined that with the fact that you thought the smartest thing to do was somehow post your opinions online (I know I'm being slightly hypocritical by bothering to reply, mostly I just wanted to remind people about the auto-pause options) you're basically just an idiot.
  6. Kind of a random spot for this but I can't think of anywhere else in the forums to put it, but why does Pallegina have, with no equipment and just after resting: -2 DR, -3 Pierce DR, -2 Flame DR, and -2 Freeze DR?
  7. I just realized that if casters get level 1 and 2 spells as per encounter instead of per rest in the upper levels, then doesn't that make the bonus casting talents utterly worthless? The only reason why I got them is because I wanted to increase the amount of time I could run around before resting, but now that I've just hit level 7 I've realized that fights end fast enough that I would never ever need 5 castings of a level 1 spell at level 9 every fight. So now I'm left with that ugly feeling of "Well that was a trap, reroll?" Am I missing something here or are these talents actually completely worthless in the long run?
  8. As the title says. Quicksaving now freezes my game for 2-3 seconds. I can't remember exactly but I'm fairly sure it didn't do this before. Also during the freeze, it will still track map movement inputs (arrow keys) so if I quicksave and then press some arrows, the map will go to the end in that direction. Also why can't I double-tap 'Select All' and have the camera recenter on my party? Having to double-tap 1 and then press my Select All button is kind of annoying since it didn't do that in BG1/2.
  9. Sure thing Derek. I'm running the gog.com version though so that file path is slightly different. Attached are the things you requested. It's not letting me attach the .savegame files in this forum, so I've provided a link to a Dropbox folder that contains it. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/2k0ghgcovb91o8v/AAB5FiQLnoRUBrgm8nhHLfxqa?dl=0 Hopefully this does it for you. [Edit] I went to sleep shortly after posting this initial thread, so not much else has happened gamewise. output_log.txt System Specs.rtf
  10. I hope this is the right place. A few of these issues are actually bugs. My most recent job was as QA for a tech startup so all these little details catch my attention pretty easily. Copy/Paste from Wordpad (I've edited a few of my notes to remove as many spoilers as possible): Bugs in PoE: Scrolling down a tutorial and then closing it, the next tutorial won't start at the top Unable to bind left control to highlight interactables, can bind for toggling however Why aren't there hotkeys for abilities like the F keys in BG? Can't right click tutorials to dismiss them, inconsistent with help modals in inventory screen Stackables don't auto combine if they're in different chars inventories, might be intentional Accuracy isn't listed in the character tooltip in the upper right during combat, should at least show party accuracy No arrow in Sparfel's back When Calisca gets up from being knocked down my 'pause when weapon ineffective' is triggered, is she barehanded momentarily? Not sure why this is happening because her next attack worked fine and did 6 damage --Calisca is throwing weapon ineffective warnings when she is on cooldown Actually Pause when weapon ineffective happens almost every 1-2 seconds, it's pretty annoying and obviously buggy No screenshot command in gog version? Pressing G opens chantbook, pressing g again doesn't close it Open loot, generate tooltip for item and comparison tooltip for character, change chars, comparison tooltip doesn't update --- Game ate my item, I put axe and shield from Calisca item slot 1 into stash, then ctrl clicked pollaxe and axe and shield, moved them all to inventory at once, then equipped pollaxe into item slot 1 and it disappeared --- Immediately exiting the ruins, after the first cutscene, the first dialogue is shorter than the height of the display yet it has a scrollbar Why has my accuracy steadily been decreasing since I made my char? I just exited the ruins and checking my inventory page my accuracy is now 1, it was 27 when I started "Thrice she was wronged, and thrice justly avenged" says it damages anyone but then says Foe AoE Wound Binding talent's wording makes it sound like it's less effective with more intelligence: takes longer to accomplish the same thing Are the bandits in valewood supposed to literally stand there doing nothing? I attacked both the scout and the party of 3 at the campsite and both times all of them stood there and did nothing. If I paused though they would rotate to face my PC I'm not sure how quickly fatigue is supposed to accumulate but I had to rest once in the ruins due to fatigue and fighting at the bandit campsite in Valewood has me needing to rest again for fatigue. This seems kind of fast for fatigue build-up. Hopefully this is helpful. Game is really smooth for me otherwise. Alt tabs really nicely (auto pausing when alt tabbed is a good touch) and everything.
  11. I do not see those Kickstarter download options on my gog.com page.
  12. 11:46 AM EST, gog.com has updated to allow downloading of the main game. It is in 3 parts, it seems like part 1 is an executable and the remaining 2 parts (totalling 6 GB) are bin files.
  13. 11:40 EST, gog.com has added the installer for the Pre-Order bonus and pet. Not the installer for the actual game though.
  14. Hopefully I'll be able to download off gog at close to 12 and then get playing by no later than 1. It's a shame my friends want to hang out this weekend, I still haven't decided if it'll be PoE all weekend or not.
  15. Quick mechanics question after seeing a decent amount of push on some of the spells in the manual. If I have a fighter engaged in melee combat with an enemy, and I use a spell to push that enemy away, will that allow my fighter to get a disengagement attack off?
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