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  1. Forgive me if I am repeating something already suggested, I came into this discussion late skipped through most of the 21 pages. Since they have a reputation system why not use that to solve this little debate. If you actively seek and destroy all life in the territory you build a reputation for cruelty and recklessness. If you avoid monsters that threaten civilization you earn a reputation for cowardice and selfishness. But if you fully explore a map without killing the forest animals you earn reputation for pioneering and cleverness. With this you choose how you want to be perceived and "gro
  2. I had this issue as well. I thought it was false advertising or possibly a missing negotiation skill.
  3. You think that's bad...those same gremlins, encouraged by the lack of consequences for pilfering my stuff, stole my character models. In the inventory screen my 3d characters disappeared, all of them.
  4. I've watched the wizards in my group close with the enemy to melee distance to cast a ranged area affect spell on the target. This means they hit everyone in the party too who engaged the target. I've also watched my wizards run away from the target at the beginning of the casting the spell. This might be a pathfinder problem.
  5. I don't think a wide oval is a default formation. Maybe it worked after all, the first time. It would be helpful to change the look of the formation icons to look like the actual formation. If they could just move the dots around on the icon we wouldn't need to memorize which number goes with which formation.
  6. You can use the number keys to select the character. 1-5. It's more intuitive to click the portraits. Hopefully they'll block out that part of the screen for issuing move commands.
  7. When I was fighting crystal spiderlings I could not issue orders to BB fighter. He appeared stuck midway through a walking animation. He was last to fall in the battle. He happily took the spiderlings punishment without moving a muscle. I think he liked it. Obviously our adventurer group will need to hold an intervention.
  8. This happens in the stores too. If you right click on another item for sale the one stuck to the cursor disappears and is replaced by the new item. All I could do to leave the store was task manager shutdown the game.
  9. It's even slower in Window mode. Please include a slider to adjust the speed.
  10. My Wizard did not lose his grimoire but he did lose the rod. I also noticed the companion fighter lost his arbalest in the 2nd set slot. I didn't notice when it happened. Characters are so small on screen I can't tell who is holding what. Reload didn't bring them back.
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