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  1. Ok can be closed :D Got reply from Obsidian. There was a misunderstanding at release, where i asked if it would be possible to upgrade to the boxed collectors edition (the signed one) so my credits and order were canceled, but shipped though. Everything is now back to normal :D My panic is gone and i have access to all my goodies again. Thank you Obsidian
  2. Hi there, it's been a long time, since PoE came out. White March is in it's second state and well i decided to play again after i reinstalled my whole pc (got new hard drives). i remember backing the game with a physical copy (laying right in front of me) and a digital copy (redeemed it at release on GoG) Now i remember there were goodies coming with it like a cooking book. i wanted to look inside and maybe give one or two recipes a try. So far so good. I knew where i could redeem those things so i went to the homepage of PoE, logged in and opened the tab "My Products" NOW th
  3. 3 days to go.....any news on Paypal? Because i want to support this game, but don't own a credit card.
  4. Bought this game last year after christmas. Played a little but not much, i think i just rescued highpool. Oh well, time flies by, i moved into another apartment and because of some problems with my internet, i just thought: "a good time to play it" And i did. I played it through. And it's awesome. More than that. It just simply pushed the right buttons, even though it has it's bugs and problems, but oh well. Don't care :D My highest char was i think lvl49 or something like that. Love that game. And never ever will i forget Scotchmo! Best character of the whole game
  5. I started with DnD 3.5 Pathfinder. My brother brought me into this and i still love it. I didn't know much about the rules, only a bit about the world, religions, and others stuff (mostly because of Computergames) Don't remember exactly the first play, but i have to favorite situations :D first one: I nearly always play a halfling-ranger, with subclass "Pathfinder". And on that second time, our group had to find a sponsor in town, for an exploration of some ruins deep down in a forest. As soon as we had decided on one of the 5 possible sponsors, the leader was abducted and we had to f
  6. Yeah, and still playing. Every saturday some friends of mine are playing Pen&Paper. Right now we are playing The Dark Eye. But we also play DnD 3.5 Pathfinder, Warhammer 40k, Shadowrun, Warhammer Fantasy. It depends on the master :D I still love it, even though i have to work most weekends, i try to get every saturday i can get to play with them. My favorite systems are shadowrun and D&D 3.5 Pathfinder. What i am still searching for is a system with steampunk, i would like to test it, because i am a big fan of steampunk. )
  7. As i see the physical goodies are going out to the world. Still waiting for the Discs. Don't want to play that game without having them. Call me crazy, even if i have a digital version...the physical one is mine and mine alone. The other one i gifted my brother to his birthday ;-) god damnit was he happy :D I am really sad, i hadn't more money to get a higher backing tier. I would have loved that mousepad, and all that.... but my financial situation was so bad that time -.- And now i would have the money (better job, etc) but no possibility to get those goods anymore =( But although
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