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  1. Is it a card or is the Player simply a Leader, no more explanation needed? Or do you get to pick faction (and be the leader of it) or can you randomize it (e.g. in Dead of Winter you have a Survivor deck, during preparation, shuffle it and hand out 4 random survivors to all participants, and each gets to pick 2 to start off with~ of course, you could bend the rules and allow each Player to just pick 2 favorites from the get go too)? And if you get a faction, does each faction get their own perks, or do you win favor of various factions by the luck of the draw (towards your conquest to become "The Lord")? (Faction related card draw~?). There are allegiance cards, which represent the various regions of the Eastern Reach that you are from or allied with. You deal one to each player randomly at the start of the game. (Or you can choose, if you have a particular preference and the group agrees to it.) You are a Lord or Lady who is allied with that allegiance. You are not represented by a card. Each allegiance card has a special ability unique to that allegiance and your starting building and army limits (which restrict the number of cards you can play, but those limits can be raised during the game). Thanks! ^_^
  2. In LOER, you are a leader not a hero. You sit back and direct your troops to go on adventures, but they can only be in one of two places: defending your city or adventuring/attacking. So no need to mark location when you just have to push your active cards forward an inch or two to keep them separate from the cards you are holding back. Once the adventure or attack is done, those cards get pulled back to the main army. Super fast and very clear about who is doing what. There have been some AR type boardgames already. Sony had a CCG-like game called Eye of Judgment a few years ago that used their camera peripheral. As a video game developer as well as a boardgame publisher, I'm naturally interested in the intersection between the two. There are a few boardgames recently released that require the use of a helper app (X-Com from FFG and Alchemists from CGE are a couple good examples). I think we're just beginning to see those types of games. I think Hololens will have a difficult time gaining wide acceptance in its first generation release but I'm sure you will see some attempts at boardgame-like applications. The technology will need to time to mature and come down in price before it's relatively common. There is also some resistance in the boardgame community at using technological aids, which I find fascinating.
  3. We don't have any standees planned. No real need for them. (I do like standees when I'm playing the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, but it never occurred to us to try them in LOER.)
  4. And we got pretty darn close to the Hirelings, at that. We'll add the late pledge monies to the total. I suspect we'll unlock them with that.
  5. Think positive. Campaigns usually accelerate the last couple days. I am confident we will reach the chanter troops. Pax, Chris
  6. I still have dice from 25 years ago. But I'm still collecting. Scott and I just received our Dungeon Crawl Classics funky dice (d3, d5, d7, d24, etc) that we Kickstarted a while back. Now, we just have to find time to play!
  7. We didn't consider it until some of the backers brought it up, so it hasn't been fully tested yet and will probably undergo some tweaks as we develop them, but we like the Solitaire rules so far. ^_^
  8. Update goes live at or about 5pm, when Obsidian does their Twitch presentation for the video game expansion. The mystery update shows off some of the expansion material, so we don't want to step on their toes.
  9. The preview rulebook is now available. It's not final and there is still time to clarify any confusing rules and fix any errors. Please post any questions or comments below. http://www.zeroradiusgames.com/downloads/loer_rules_preview_small.pdf Thanks!
  10. We do have more cool things coming, but some people really like big swirly dice. The next stretch goal, soon to be revealed, will be pretty neat. Thanks!
  11. We've unlocked the Wilderness deck and there are few smaller surprises coming up, too. What other kinds of adventure decks would you like to see? No plans at this time, RejZ.
  12. I'm blown away by the support. It's been a fun day but I'm wearing out the mouse button clicking refresh. ^_^
  13. Hello Backers and Potential Backers! This is the Kickstarter Q&A forum. Here you can ask questions about the current Kickstarter campaign for Lords of the Eastern Reach or give us feedback about how we are doing. Thanks for your support.
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