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  1. Go on C> Program Files> Lucasarts> KotOR2> kotor2 That file is the .ini file...
  2. HK47:Need to kill someone, master? Exile: Actually, yes, I have a hour long mission only for you. Including going undercover as a protocol droid, finding important files, killing a dozen of bodyguards, capturing a hutt and bring him over here so you can torture him. (My dream comes true...)
  3. Yes, that it could be Atris crosed my mind, but I didn't got a good enough wiew and simply arn't god with faces. And that your pic is bether is clear, that pic has cost me an hour of fixing it because of it were to dark, I needed to instal Photoshop etc.
  4. After my second time with TSL I started to mess around in the kotor2.ini file to check what it could do to the game. Then I noticed the thing called "CurentSithLord=3". It were to witch of the sith lords that were on the start-up-screen. Of course I started to tamper with it and wrote "...ithLord=1" and started TSL. And I found a new Sith Lord! Check it for your self: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v241/The...y/SithLord2.jpg
  5. I mean a new dev should enter the arena. Why not? I mean Raven had been perfect. They can Star wars (Dark Forces and Jedi Knight Series) and the can RPG (X-men: Legends(I don't know if it is good)). Go ahead and flame me....
  6. Why will the American and European PC versions be realesed the same day? The european one needs alot of lanuage to be installed, the american don't... Therefor is it only logic that the american should come a little while before...
  7. Yes, how much must you sell to GO gold, then?
  8. Hehehe... That was a good joke... It was a joke, wasn't it?
  9. And that was two awards... Any posibulity that it can beat K1?
  10. I just come on something. Why does amarican and european PC come the same day? The european one needs alot of lanuage to be installed, the american don't... There for is it only logic that the american should come a little while before...
  11. Darth Gates can't mind control Darth Lucas if he is *lightsaber egnites* one with the force... Anyway, how much must you sell to get Gold?
  12. Perhaps it get fixed on PC... *cross fingers* If not, mabye it comes a mod...
  13. Sorry, I had no idea. This is after all my first topic.... And I would like to see wath people means. Many people reads the topics, but don't asnwer because many before them have already said wath they would say so they don't see the point. Anyway, if a mod can fix it, go ahead... After all, I am just a newbie...
  14. I have always wanted KotOR on my cube, I see that it would not ligthly happen. I am not saing that I think that TSL could, but there is always a alternative. Is there a reason why KotOR isn't on GC or PS2, have M$ a contract with LA about it? Or is it technical reasons?
  15. I neither fall or rise on pourpose. I answer the answers like I would in real life. I don't say no to credits, but I don't trethen people to get it. Tough, the droid selling twin'leek on Taris would say diffrently... *evil manical laugh* I have my.. dark side...
  16. I would absolutly buy it on DVD. We all the time gets mesages "You can't play this game, you don't have good enough grapich card os something". Why can't we get " You can't play this, you don't have a DVD rom"? It is the same thing! It is harder to instal a grapich card than a dvd player, and it is cheper to buy a god dvd than a god grapich, so why the heck not?
  17. If Lucasarts is so against moding, may I ask why Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy is so moding friendly? It even have "Mod" as a own options section!
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