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  1. I stumbled upon this build for Pillars 1, and I'm looking for an updated one or something similar for Pillars 2. I'm currently stuck at the dragon fight in Beast of Winter. I would be hiring an adventurer to add to my party to help me kill dragons. Thanks. https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/79169-class-build-dragon-slayer-paladin-build/
  2. Hi. This is my save file that has both issues https://www.dropbox.com/s/9phy6ru4n9wcoq4/Buddy%20%28SpireoftheSoul-SeersRooftop%29%20%2853d20955-54f9-4bea-b7b1-a75a6e678078%29%20%28779819705%29.zip?dl=0
  3. I also experienced this. I noticed it happens when saving while the game is paused. please note that this was before the latest patch. I don't really want to test it for myself right now because I don't want to risk having one of my saves to disappear. Basically, I have game paused, then I save manually (not quicksave), then immediately one of my saves are gone when I click load game.
  4. I'm done with Crookspur and I will now need to speak to Aeldys. The quest addendum said to talk to her at Fort Deadlight, but she is already the leader of the Principi and she is now in Dunnage. No dialog to trigger the quest completion. I also went to Fort Deadlight, and as expected, she is not there. Another thing, my character has the Thaos's Headress buff, but no one in my current party is wearing it. Aloth is wearing it, and he is at my ship. See screenshot here https://i.imgur.com/NGTuiXf.jpg dropbox link to save file https://www.dropbox.com/s/9phy6ru4n9wcoq4/Buddy%20%28SpireoftheSoul-SeersRooftop%29%20%2853d20955-54f9-4bea-b7b1-a75a6e678078%29%20%28779819705%29.zip?dl=0
  5. Are backers gonna be able to pre load on Steam? Thanks. Also, I only backed to $29 tier, so I hope there will be an optional Upgrade to Deluxe/Obsidian edition on Steam
  6. It seemed normal-scaled high level is too much for me. If I change the difficulty to easy, then back to normal, will it be back to normal-unscaled?
  7. My bad. I didn't realize that I needed to turn off vsync to have the frame rate lock working. It sure is working now with consistent 30fps everytime.
  8. On the graphics option, I set the max framerate to 30, and I have vsync on, but I'm still getting up to 60 fps. I wanted to lock it to 30 because framerate is inconsistent on my hardware. (30 fps in cities and crowded areas, 60 fps inside houses, etc.). I just wanted to have a consistent 30fps everywhere. Thanks.
  9. Hi, I'm also having an issue with missing weapon. The soulbound great sword 'St. Ydwen's redeemer'. I'm not sure if I'm missing something else but the soulbound weapon is kind of a big deal. It was equipped on the 3rd weapon set of my paladin. When I load my save, the 3rd weapon set is empty. I don't really want to use console commands because it is my first playthrough and for some reason, I care about the steam achievements. Unfortunately, I also don't have a 'recent' old save. There's a 13 hour game time difference between my current save file and my old save file.
  10. Playing on normal. I have played star wars kotor 1, is that close enough to the infinity games? I have no experience with the infinity games.
  11. Are there any other console commands for graphic settings? My framerate stutters when there are lights? Sorry not familiar with terminologies but the very start of the game, by the campfire, my framerate drops, but when I move on other areas away from the camp fire, it runs smooth. I know my PC from 2010 is old but meets minimum requirements. (Win 7 Home premium x64, i7 860, radeon 5850, 4 GB ram)
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