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  1. i can't find the rodian and the devorian i can't find anything about them ssomeone help.
  2. counsular and gaurdian i never remeber the other Sith lord, Sith Marauder, i don't remeber the other Jedi Master, Jedi Weapon Master, and i don't remeber
  3. i die every single time i fight him only once out of the five times have i even gotten his mediation type. I have all the main dark side force powers and a lvl 2 crush and i'm a consular/sith lord how should i fight him
  4. This is a spoiler so if you don't want to know your answer don't read When you get to the end of the game you fight Atirs that is when you have a someone interation with the sith artifacts in her chamber while you defeat her
  5. the thing on the jedi enclave use either explosives or your lightsaber to open its not to complicated. I always use lightsaber
  6. other than being usefull on the Aldernon story itself the first teir is compltly useless it is way to weak
  7. i have made it through twice now and still haven't gotten a silver cystal
  8. its just like when you get the ability to use force sight you just get it with no real training
  9. i had the same prob it is much easier if you have Hanharr if so use Kreia also if not just use your char with the highest VP
  10. does anyone know how to get those two doors open near Vogga's Place you can see a decent sized hallway woth two exits but i can never get in. its annoying
  11. I'm the only person that just couldn't stand Kreia? I never get any influence because i never listen to her.
  12. it happens with Hanharr also it just is poorly progrmaed world
  13. i know they were both Mandalorians the last but i don't know how Boba Fett dies because i know the mandalorian armor saves him form the Sarcallac
  14. when did u talk with Carth i never spoke with him just saw the little cut scenes throughout the game where do u tlak to him at
  15. at the end of the game when Kreia says the last Mandalorian is killed to easily by a Jedi is she talking about Janga Fett, or Boba Fett
  16. he is much stronger this time and you have to finish his story by killing him
  17. The cutscene with Carth and Bastilla i never saw it. How do you get i have already beat the game with a light char once
  18. i liked the way kotor 1 implants were set up with feats instead f the way they r now. I only found one d-implant and only mandalore could equip it because their is no way i'm getting 18+ const In Kotor i would have everyone with lvl 3 implant which was the way i liked it
  19. to get Bao-Dur Nar Shaddaa is really good protect people but make sure you make the thugs do someting dumb like jumping into a pit and killng them seleves he likes stuff like that but its is still Dark
  20. Where in the world does LT. Grenn go after those opening seens with him
  21. i think i already have the first one i just don't use her almost at all
  22. use mandalore and power blast with a plasma gun adn then lure then away by themselves and kil then
  23. how did Kreia get a hold of the Ebon Hawk she probably says at the end i just wasn't paying enough attention
  24. i will try with Hanharr and Kreia i already know what to do with all that other stuff i keep using people with no healing powers thats probably why i keep losing
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