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  1. True , I am a sneaker freak and I wanted MT to be one too!
  2. Aaron did paint it. No copy and pasting there. He's also responsible for my avatar.
  3. Tapper is the name of an old video game where the object is to fill beer mugs for customers. Great game. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tapper The Moogle is from Final Fantasy. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moogle
  4. Sadly, I'm probably the only artist to check this thread and the only one who didn't work on NWN2. I'll pass on your kind words though.
  5. The challenge is the topic put forth to each artist, we are not challenging each other. There is no contest and no prize to be won.
  6. Many of the artists, as you know, do not frequent the message baords which makes many of the comments here unread by the art folks at Obsidian. So if you'd be so kind to please take a moment to make a comment on the blog page, as well as here on the message boards, I'm sure our artists would love to read what you have to say. Thanks so much!!
  7. Obsidian has four full time concept artists and a handful of others very capable of doing conceptual work. Others still like to draw a bit as well, even if their regular work doesn't require them to.
  8. This is by far my proudest moment. When I created this character with Avellone I mentioned to him that we will know we have made great characters when we begin to see people dressed up as characters from KOTORII at conventions. This however beats them all. With all sincerity - thank you, Lord Mayyn, you have made my day.
  9. I did use Painter, but I didn't use a custom palette. I just picked color by eye. unless you were limited to a number of colors, why would anyone use a custom pallette?
  10. The fighters are nearly placed one for one from the original.
  11. It's margins are wider than usual because it was for a magazine. They need a lot of bleed in order to have more freedom in laying out the cover. When cropped it has a much better compostion and in my opinion sits well with the amount of characters present.
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