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  1. Seriously? There is by far bigger problems not only in Western countries but in the entire world. There is people who blow themselves up among civilians for their fantasy god. There is radical racism and misogony among groups and among large percentages of populations of certain countries. But this? This is just an inflated irrelevant piece of nothingness compared to all of that and anything that could ever be truly offensive, insulting or dangerous. This was clearly not even meant to be an offensive rhyme. Why would you care Obsidian? Just why? And this is so typical for those ever-offended people in USA that feel entitled to complain on everything they see themselves suppressed by . "Oh look at me, I am looking for reasons to be offended because I am such a victim" COME ON. There is stuff sold in every store that is totally gender-marketed and nobody gives a crap, social norms everywhere nobody gives a crap, homophobia and hate for non-believers in all major religions, and then this? A harmless joke? COME ON REALLY? THIS IS THE PROBLEM? REALLY? **** off This is why we can't have nice things. People, really, please focus on real problems and not on imaginary tumblr egocentric paranoia-induced farts like this.
  2. I'm surprised by your ignorance and hostility. Your tone is not acceptable. Regarding your assumptions. Just look at what you wrote: and compare it to what you quoted: I emphasised the relevant part. And even aside from this wording, it can be understood as being pretty much standard that boxed copies of games, including the ones actually sold for this game in stores (!), include Steam keys nowadays, if the game is also generally available on Steam. A digital copy would, on the other hand, typically be understood as a "PURE DIGITAL" copy, bought online and retrieved purely via the same means. Whereas a boxed copy would typically contain a box, manual, dvd. In cases where the game is available on Steam, the copy would typically go along with a Steam key, often printed on the back of the manual. This is generally the case and we were given no indication from the description or what is written in the backer portal that we would not be given the opportunity to register the "2nd copy" on Steam or GoG. I hope you understand the issue now. I actually came here to thank Obsidian for resolving this issue for me in a very satisfying way after I had contacted the support and explained them my issue. I am entirely happy now.
  3. I feel a bit scammed because this is NOT what my kickstarter pledge said. It clearly said we get 2 copies. ( I took the 65$ boxed copy pledge + 15$ delivery)
  4. And now that we know the Release date, we know there will be only 2,5 more months of full development. I am afraid this will be another game that will greatly suffer from a rushed release, just looking at all those threads pointing out really major issues that still need to be fixed.
  5. I wrote a longer post as comment on the kickstarter news but i will summarise it here again as it might increase the chance of it being read by the dev: Abstract reasons for me to positively remember a character: - Very specific personality, which is reflected in the character's voice, humor, opinions, maybe also looks etc - Having met the character through a specific and interesting encounter. First impression is important - "i gief u 2300 gold monie coins and u go w/ me" doesnt leave an impression on me. Examples for good encounters: Dogmeat (Fallout1), Morte (PS:T),... - Background story. If the character has none ,it is not a character. Best example is probably Morte from PS:T, which has a special connection to the nameless one which only later explained why he acts so weird sometimes but still sticks with the character - Humour - Can be important but must fit to the character's personality and be not forced. I found Morte funny for example. Yes I know, i mention him a lot. But what could be remembered better than a talking, sarcastic flying skull goddammit. - (Looks) if they fit to the overall personality they can enforce the impression, especially if they stand out.
  6. So how do you think the data transferred from one player to the other? leprechaun tunnels? evil wizardry? co-op IS multiplayer and therefore exposed to the same problems (a lot)
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