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  1. I hope they have some news next week. I can't wait for some more information.
  2. A human fighter is my favorite. Hopefully with two swords in each hand, my kind of weapons. And a hint of lore knowledge.
  3. Mature can mean so many things, the best way to know it is to play the game. I mean some games are rated mature because of the violence in the game. Others games are mature because of the kind of decisions you have to make (like the walking dead video game). The choices in the game aren't the easiest ones to make.
  4. If I were to choose between wilderness or companions I would pay for more wilderness. You could add more companions, but most of the time it doesn't affect the story. Started playing BG 1 recently, and I can't feel the difference between choosing a different companion. If companions would affect the story more then perhaps I would pay for more them.
  5. I hope it will be another rpg but 3d this time. Something like KOTOR 2, but with fluid camera shots like dragon age origins.
  6. I did too, am really curious what the expansion pack will be and how it will affect the main game.
  7. My opinion is, is that we don't need more stretchgoals. More stretchgoals would mean more production time and the release date would be much later. Besides it presumes that the backer portal will make enough money to allow the stretchgoals to take place. I'm not sure that will happen. If there is any money to be made from the backer portal it should go towards the expansion pack production.
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