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  1. I do think merchant inventory should reset (as said in the loading tip). Although I've never checked if they do reset and at what frequency. First of all, it's not instant so you always have the possibility of buying again something you sold by error. Second, the game as tons of 'junk' items and this would slow your save/load considerably by the end-point if it's all left in the save data (think how many weapon and armor Raedric hold has alone) And last, I can't even browse the inventory of the merchants I usually go to for the items I may want because they have hundreds of junk item in their inventory hiding the things I actually may want to buy =/
  2. The "enemies continuously going back and forth" is easy to replicate with a troll. Just kite it a bit then it will go back to it's spot. Go back to you want you attack it. Head back to its spot when you stop. I mean, in a sense, you could do the same thing even with him walking to you the whole time because he's pretty slow. It's just even easier right now because you don't have to keep kiting.
  3. Sounds like it's rounding up for some reason. Could be how the game also says that there's "1 day and 25 hours left" when something needing 2 days gets started.
  4. Is it the companion paladin and does she have the aura size increase item? Could be the power being added multiple times bug.
  5. When using field triage, I've had the user say something negative sometimes. I believe it was the "It's not working" line (not 100% sure)
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