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  1. I 'd like to see romance somehow incorporated into Deadfire. I mean, it wouldn't have to be a major deal. It could be the Watcher can grow closer to major NPCs and might turn into something more by the end of the story (see Mina in Alpha Protocol)
  2. Yeah, I think the "We found nothing and stopped looking" angle was pretty interesting. And I think it would be cool if it turned out that there were gods out there but were either a) totally uncaring of mortals or b) so subtle/alien that their presence is virtually impossible to detect. Heck just hinting that such beings could possibly exist would be interesting, adding a new layer to "what do you believe?" The gods of the Engwithans are real, tangible beings that represent concepts we understand. But are still constructs of mortals. Or these remote, ethereal beings which might or
  3. I am for romances in games. My view is they are a type of story, just like any other. And this is a storytelling medium. Through games we can have adventures, solve mysteries, explore strange lands, and yes, perhaps have a love story as well. Someone in an earlier posdt asked if a romance has to involve sex. That I do not believe is necessary, though it certainly could be a part of it. I'd cite Planescape: Torment as an example. The Nameless One could have a romance with Annah or Falls-From-Grace. But the relationship never becomes physical. The romance was more focused on the e
  4. Name: TBBA Race: Wood Elf Gender: Male Culture: Aedyr Class: Umm, Paladin (Kind Wayfarers), or maybe Fighter? Or Cipher. Or...augh! the choices! Background: Mercenary
  5. I would throw embarassing amounts of money at an Alpha Protocol sequel. Spiritual or otherwise.
  6. Even if 100% of fans wanted them, I don't believe we have the time and other resources to implement them well. I am not inherently opposed to romances, but I don't want to spend time implementing something I'm not confident we will be able to execute at a high level of quality. I understand the reason, but I'm still disappointed. Hopefully the modding community will be able to remedy this.
  7. I'm not sure how to vote on this. On one hand, even though this looks ike it's already going to be a huge game, additional content would be great. On the other hand, I wouldn't want additional content to be rushed, or cause delays. Would these aditional stretch goals be in the original game, or subsequent downloads/dlcs/expansions?
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