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  1. How is it not a free speech issue when you have a left-wing extremist group creating such a hostile climate that everyone is compelled to cater to their every whim. How's that for a balance of forces in society? PC is a mob rule.
  2. I for one will NOT kickstart another Obsidian project. This is in protest of political correctness.
  3. You obviously have no idea how offensive this is to people with a more conservative political orientation. The left is dictating too much in this so called "democratic" society. Obsidian's customers aren't all American, buddy; sexual orientation and gender identity and expression are protected characteristics where I live. I'm not Murican either. I come from one of the most liberal states in EU. People don't like gays for that one reason, they just can't stop getting in your face. Also, they are heavily aligned with the far left including communist sympathizers. Here's the thing buddy. People will always find something political to harp about. That's their right of freedom of expression (in many states at least). That doesn't mean Obsidian have an obligation to listen. Removing the joke just empowers these crazed militant groups. Also, have you thought about the correlation between these vile "advocates" and how they have absolutely no qualms about ridiculing the Lord Jesus Christ? Hypocrisy at the finest.
  4. You obviously have no idea how offensive this is to people with a more conservative political orientation. The left is dictating too much in this so called "democratic" society.
  5. I am too very disappointed in the whole censorship thing. I honestly don't care if a PoE 2 gets made. I think Obsidian screwed up too much such as the no combat xp, the low character levels and obviously catering to femen terrorists.
  6. I can't find Beodemar in the temple in Dyrford village. He's constantly missing and the other guy just says he's out of town. When does he arrive at the temple?
  7. Retarded fight, impossible to win I get destroyed in mere seconds and no combat xp for the whole ordeal either. Terribly designed game. Combat too hard and no rewards.
  8. If I disband one of the scripted NPCs can I get them back like in previous BG games?
  9. Extremely frustrating and unfun combat that relies too much on resting. And I'm playing on easy.
  10. Wizards are still garbage. I main a wiz and I become totally useless after I've used all my spells and it's not fun to spam rest all the time (and waste supplies).
  11. I feel like PoE is a missed opportunity here's why: No combat XP. So you just murdered a very hard mob for the first time after 10 re-tries and you expect to hear DING? Well too facken bad, you get an imaginary pat on the back. Seriously, if people want a game that rewards them for dialogue choices and possibly stealth let them play an adventure game then. No legendary loot. I haven't encountered any loot worth remembering. What's up with that? BG2 had the most excellent and exciting loot. A singing sword? Wow, bring stuff like that back. Items in PoE are incredibly bland. Weak NPCs. Stat wise and personality wise. If anything, PoE will increase the sales of BG2 and Planescape. I for one intend to replay these games rather than replay PoE. I mean its not bad game just a missed opportunity to mimic or supercede the classics.
  12. Yeah I'm not terribly impressed by PoE either compared to the classics. I mean it's BG 1.5 essentially. Improved enough to make it better than BG but not enough to reach the soaring hights of BG2. Can we just have BG3 already? Shame Hasbro is so incredibly greedy with the D&D license.
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