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  1. I totally agree that queued spells need to be visible somehow. There need to be icons for this.
  2. also.. No combat xp.. So that way you should be well of, reading and solving the quests.
  3. This game, same as wasteland 2 , lacks a lot of polish. It feels like it's almost there, but then they forgot about that last 10% that would have made it final and great. My biggest issue however is that they STILL have not fixed the dual monitor issue where my cursor goes off to the wrong screen on the right. Either they didn't beta test enough, or they don't give a rats.. Personally I believe that they simply just ran out of money. (This is inherently the problem with kickstarter projects like this) Developing properly takes more money..
  4. naa... He also quoted mr. Cantousent, who had some interesting arguments against combat xp. Just not quoting every single smug remark. Feel free to add the topics that IndraLightfoot overlooked ;-)
  5. One compromise that could have helped to bridge the gap between the combat xp proponents and the quest only xp proponents: What if after killing a certain number of ...lets say 10 kobolts, you got xp for all of those, but after that you would start to get diminishing returns.. and at last reach 0% xp, or a very low percent so that degenerate grinding would not be encouraged. (There is just so much you can learn from fighting the same type of opponent over and over) This way you would solve some of the so called "degenerate" game play, and still advance. The system would encourage you to explore, make your own adventures, discover the game, and try to find rare places and mobs. (That is if there´s still left enough wiggle room for you to advance your level sufficiently so that you will still be able to explore outside your current dedicated level area) Only getting quest xp will lead to "degenerate" game play as well.. Like: Not exploring the interesting magical cave because you have not gotten all quests for that yet. (removes spontaneity, and railroads the game experience)
  6. I see Cantousent making some good points, and I see IndiraLightfoot making some good points. There is a lot of pros and cons to this. The thing is I'm willing to forgive them if they don't add combat xp, (even tho I think it´s a bad idea), but they better implement some system that still makes the game as enjoyable as it would have been with the old system. I´m afraid that they will just slap this new thing on without compensating or inventing something new. I hope they have thought this through, are able to see the new issues, and have time to playtest it thoroughly.
  7. Well, yes.. but: Now you have to spam click every single npc in each town.. to make sure that you picked up the most amount of objectives before going out. (cos otherwise you won't get the quest xp) And there is no point of exploring this new fantastic cave you found, because you haven't found all the quest givers yet. There´s no reward for doing anything independent. What if this was a regular RPG? The game master says: "oh btw. there are some epic ruins to the south" Would the players then go: "oh no lets stay away from there, cos we haven't talked to any quest givers yet" Or would they say: "Dude how interesting, lets go there!" Let´s say that you at level 5 want to go on an epic "quest" to explore the entire world.. so you start from one end and walk around by yourself for 2 hours. you have lots of hostile encounters, you see tons of new interesting things, learn a lot about the world, but when you get back you will still be level 5 and non the wiser. That is if you managed to do anything by yourself at all? It was probably too hard for you, cos you won't get any xp on your epic travels.. (no progression) It´s not punishing, but it´s a lack of reward.. and imo. game breaking, cos it will take the fun out of doing independent actions.
  8. When I tried the beta, everything outside of town was hostile, except the ogre.. And the relevance to my example occurs when you want to go exploring in an area that is above your current level.. cos you now have no way of advancing. (I'm not saying that I won't ever do quests, It just that sometimes its fun to do other things in between and make your own "adventures") Removing combat xp is just them trying to railroad the gameplay.
  9. There is one point about this experience issue and this so called "degenerate game play" issue, where I can draw parallels to other games. There is a scenario in diablo 3 where you can end up fighting a so called "elite pack of monsters" where you actually get punished for trying to get good at the game. For instance: If you set the difficulty up to the maximum of what you and your character can handle, (it´s not the most effective way of playing, but hey! It´s great fun!) and you grind your way to the end of a level and there you encounter this elite pack of doom. So instead of running away or quitting you decide to beat it to see if you can do it, and after 20 minutes you finally manage to get the elite pack down to under 10% health, but now the developers have decided that you have used too much time and they give the mob all its health back. So playing to the best of your abillity is then actually being punished. You should not get punished for playing the game, or trying your best. So in Poe, why should you get punished and told that you are playing degenerate, just because you also happen to enjoy the "tactical fight" part? I just don't understand why? (The game is literally forcing you to fight everything outside of town anyways) Are they afraid that you are going to scale past the level of the quest mobs?? or what's the deal? Can't they just make the quest mobs scale with your level? or something? or are they afraid that quest combat will become too easy if you get combat experience as well? would it matter? why should they care how I like to play? why should they care to nerf "loner/ exploratory game play"? I guess Its my fault for not using my magnifying glass to read the fine print when backing the kickstarter. Oh well, I'm still going to enjoy this game without combat experience in it.. everything else looks quite excellent. ^^,
  10. Ok lets go with badass drifter who doesnt want to talk to a pig farmer.Now imagine urself sitting down at a table with a GM/DM and u are playing pnp. The GM/DM tell you that in town while walking u overhear guards questioning the locals about a missing girl and u walked past a very loud cursing farmer who is visually and vocally upset about losing some pigs. GM/DM-what do you do? Player-nothing, im a loner and a drifter and dont want to get involved. I head outside of town to start exploring and killing everything that gets in my way. GM/DM-soooo u dont wanna participate in the quests i have prepared for ya? You just want to do ur own thing? Player-Yes, i just want to explore and fight and dont want anything to do with any of the stories u already prepared. GM/DM-ok, well good luck, im gonna head out then. Heres a link to a pdf with monster stats on it, knotch urself out. Now im not trying to be rude, but it seems alot of people are viewing it a sandboxesq rpg when it highly seems like the devs are being the GM/DMs and presenting u with a campaign for u to interact with, not to totally ignore. The devs point of view of trying to get rid of "kill exp" could be just like a GM/DM point of view of keeping the players interacting and not ignoring the quests they give you. Basically not participating in what they are offering. basically i think they see it as not a single player game where only YOU the player is involved, but as a game where you are the only one playing a character but they are the GM/DM presenting you with what they have to offer and keeping the players inline with the challenge they set up. hopefully im makimg sense and in no way trying to be rude to u or anything. It just seems crpg have more in common with D&D premade campaigns than an actual sandbox game. Well I do see both veiws and I get what they are trying to do, but with the way this game is set up , with all the combat spells you have got.. I just don't think this is a good idea at current. Maybe if they made sleep , "spider web"/hold and poison type spells last much longer and more powerful.. then the setting of it would make more sense. In a world where you are able to kill or make friends with an Ogre, you should be able to just subdue him as well. I believe they are trying a bit too hard to make the wheel all over again and have´nt scheduled for all the butterfly effects. But by all means if they put the extra effort in and manage to pull it off and the game is still fun to play afterwards. Then it should be worth it right?
  11. What if I want to role play a badass drifer , that really do not give a rats ass about farmers piglets or missing girls? Why would my character even bother talking to some lame farmer? or some upstart mayor from broken down mill town. What if it's beneath him to do so? The character will still kill off the aggressive ogre that thinks he can stand in my way tho. And do quests that the character think will benefit him.. But what happens to my level progression (xp) If I just want to go exploring for a day or two, and not bother with the boring ppl in the boring towns? what then? with no combat xp it will feel like there is no progression and it will feel like that time spent in the game is wasted. The alternative is that you will have to do every single little side quest that pops up. Making sure that you don´t miss out on any of the precious quest xp. Combing every town , and all dialog options to make sure you did not miss anything. That leaves no space left for roleplaying your character. You're just mindlessly doing all quest even the boring stuff you couldn't care less about. Personally the most fun I have when playing these games is when I can survive a fight with the hardest most difficult enemy I can find and the longer this single engagement is lasting the more fun I'm going to have trying to figure out a way to beat that enemy.. if it takes half an hour to beat that single pack then that will be super awesome. But what happens if there is no combat xp at the end of that fight? you will be feeling like you wasted your time. And that the creators want you to wait until you get enough "quest xp" so that all fights are easy? (or in your level range) So now you're only doing simple easy fights? cos you don't get anything at all for trying your best and playing good. So now you will only play mediocre fights or skipp fight as much as possible. And boom! Now fights are boring and there´s no fun left in that particular aspect of the game anymore. :S PS: If they want you to play a game where you do not invoke fights for no good reason.. Then they need to have a world that works the same way and creatures in that world that do not attack you for no good reason either. as it is now a beatle will attack you as soon as they can smell you. and the weird druids in the forest will attack you for no good reason as well. In my mind the enemies (AI) are simply not intelligent enough to pull of what they are trying to do with the game. cos that part will never feel "alive" anyways.
  12. I'm pretty sure that Pillars of eternity uses the Unity engine. ...and I'm wishing that next one will be a unreal engine 4 game ^^,
  13. Btw. It´s the same way with no combat experience as it is with campfire supplies, they are both trying to force the player into playing the way that the designers want you to play. For instance: What if you get to the fabled mega dungeon at say level 12, and the designers think you should be level 20 to go there. At lvl 12 you might just manage to beat the first group of enemies. but now you have exhausted all your campfire supplies.. so now you have to walk all the way back home to get new ones.. and repeat this action walking back and forth 100 times to get through the first 3 dungeon levels. You would literally spend more time at loading screens than actually playing the game. This would obviously be Mega annoying. Not getting combat experience is the same thing, it´s like trying to make a CRPG into a Rail shooter. Ps: Tents and sleeping bags are not used up after one use. Besides I bet these adventurers know a thing or two about surviving in the wilderness, hunting and so on. And another thing, you don't always need a tent, if the weather is marginally good you can actually sleep just as well or better without a one. (Personally I go on fishing trips, camping in the mountains every spring and fall before and after the mosquito season, and most often I don't need to put up the tent.)
  14. I'd rather have combat xp over a bunch of crappy loot.. Id rather find one good item that I can actually use on my character than 1 million crappy items and one good one. Even if it took a week of exploring the map to find this legendary item, Id prefer that to traveling back and forth to "the village" just to vendor gear so that I can afford to buy a tent so that I can go and do what I really like which is defeating really hard enemies at impossible odds. (Enemies with harder and harder difficulty) Without having to ask some peasant at the village for an excuse to do so. You are supposed to use your best tactics to beat the hardest enemies you can muster. This is why beating the "weapon Bosses" in Final fantasy 7 was such a big fun. (you had something to strive for) and you didn't get a million different items in loot either. This thing about buying tent/ campfire supplies is a big dead end. Why the heck would you force the player to go back to town every half an hour? Pillars of eternity has forgotten the FIRST RULE OF GAME DESIGN: "Do no annoying". (This is why some games don't implement fall damage, cos that would be annoying for that particular game) In my opinion: "If it´s not a quest item or an item you can use right away, it should not be in the game" Why would you ever need 10 similar knives that all do that same amount of damage as the one you are currently using? If I wanted or needed a knife Id buy one at a vendor. Just Stop it with all the useless multiple copies of loot items. In my opinion there only needs to be 1 of each item in the game. And by the by, Just this once I'd really like to see a game where the vendor actually sold something good, something that the player can actually use. No, keep your items, give me some gold and a bit of combat experience instead!
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