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  1. That is linked to the chanter traps and various other stuff being permanently stored in the save files thus making them grow out of control. The notes do say they have something to clean up the saves, so the save/load time should improve.
  2. Not sure if you've ever played it, but the Miniature Giant Space Pig is a reference to Baldur's Gate II. Specifically to the character of Boo (of Minsc and Boo fame), the Miniature Giant Space Hamster. "Go for the eyes Boo, THE EYES!" Is there anyone wandering on these boards who would not get that reference ? I mean, come on! Swords for everyone!
  3. Yup, that's how I learnt most of my English too. Only (minor) issue is your English then heavily features idioms such as "butt-kicking for goodness" which you do not want to use in an English exam. Mine also includes stuff such as "Yub yub commander" which does not really help either.
  4. It's out! Now to wait one hour before being able to leave work, go home and enjoy kicking butts for goodness!
  5. So, I did not post much on the forums (or even at all) but thank you so much to everyone at Obsidian who worked on that game. The Day That Was Promised is getting closer and closer and I literally can't wait anymore. This is going to be epic. I loved the way you shared the development with us fans with regular updates and I hope Pillars of Eternity proves to everyone that may have doubted it that IE style RPG can and do still have a role to play in the game industry.
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