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  1. Thanx you guys...i just might be able to finaly get out of there!
  2. i never knew you can knock back the difficulty level i thought it was a fixed setting...ok how do i knock back the difficulty?
  3. Im in the dungons were mira is supposed to save the jedi and i cant get throught the complex because i guess i leveled mira up incorrectly and so just about every one of those things you fight in the dungon area kill me....i cant beat them and ive tried many strategies but none help me succed...i need either a level up cheat or a stregnth cheat...ive been looking for one but could find none on the net...if you guys know of one please please help me....i havnt been able to continue my game for about a month now
  4. thanx guys for your replies....i used the Atton and the Kriea horror force power technique....thanx alll
  5. im on the mission were you set Vrook free and he runs to that little city starting with a "K" cant remember the name, srry.... but right when me and company (Handmaiden, Kreia) come out of the caves we are ambushed by some tough looking mercenaries....I'm thinking "pure pazaak" but it was totally opposite...decline helping them take over the city and every time when i fight the mercs they slaughter my entire crew easily ....im on lever 11 or 12 and so is everyone else...i also equipped very good armor for my pc and Handmaiden....also i have my lightsaber.....i cant beat them.....i need strat
  6. that sux....i went through the whole facilaty and i cant find nothing....i need help anyone who thinx they know anything please help
  7. i cant find it....i found 2 all ready but the other that the maintainince guy has i dont know where its at...plz help...and excuse the spelling....just got the game.....
  8. That was podracing not a swoopbike anybody can use a swoopbike. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> My bad, it was a long time ago i saw ep1. thought it was swoopracing there too. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> i don't remember that from EP.1....why can't humans podrace?...
  9. Lightside males- Nelios Kahrr, Levis Moontreader, Cien (seen) Starcrusher Dark Side Males- Darth Ventus, Darth Ta'ryus, Darth Daavias Lightside females- Ta'hara Vow, A'sabi Me'chuundra Darkside females- same
  10. Ok i dont know if it has been discussed so if it has please dont flame me, k. But are the partymembers that are on the wallpaper of light and darkside the force sensitives. Atton, Handy gurl, Bao, Disciple, and Miss V (srry for the nicknames). Since they are shown being able to go light and dark like a jedi are they the forcesensitives out of ur group?......again im srry if this has been asked before.
  11. hopefully in Kotor2 ill be strong enough to resist the urges of the darkside. I hear its going to be more attractive. well....i'll try my best not to be corrupted...Cheers all!
  12. i choose: light, guardian, jedi master(or which ever prestige class that specialises in the force), forum IV, single, male and i have no idea of my second play through
  13. I just wanna say happy Thanksgiving to everyone here at the Obsidian Forums and ofcourse the Devs. I just hope you all get to stuff urselfs with lots of turkey, ham, potato salad, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, and pie/ice creme! I get all of that plus more just remember to be thankful and happy today. Later all, i gotta go stuff my self like Jabba the Hutt Chow.
  14. just asking, but did anyone notice the light saber the pc was holding whe he was shocking the hell out of the thing. The saber looks to be a very light pink or white to me......check it out will ya.
  15. PC (duh),Bao-Dur, and Handmaiden. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> my thoughts exactly Craigboy....though i might exchange Bao for Atton occasionally
  16. consulars arent weak....you just have to know how to use them.....ne ways im going out with LS gaurdian/jedi master or witch ever prestige class that specializes in the Force.
  17. I will never betray the light, sith! *activates saber and gets into an attacking stance*
  18. i think the pc will gain darkside points if he uses the force to goad his apprentice to the darkside no matter what alignment they are.
  19. We saw many Echani weaponry in Kotor but who exactly are they, how do they look and where do they come from. I always liked the name Echani but how are they.....anyone with information pics about these ppl plz expel your knowledge on them.
  20. interesting......but i cant shake the feeling that humans live longer in Starwars....ohwell...thanx for the insight baneblade
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