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  1. I wouldn't mind as much waiting for shipping if we were kept informed - an eta on my orders page rather than the unhelpful "shipping soon" which has been there for the past 2 months would be nice.
  2. I'm enjoying playing the game, just wish I could have the physical manual whilst I do so. Annoying that my status has read "shipping soon" for the last 5 weeks or more. I did vote for the option of getting the cd and manual together, and I can see the logic in going this route but the lack of updates or info on shipping is unfortunate - how long would it take to send round an update email stating an ETA?
  3. On resting: I just used an empty room in a manor for resting. I shut the door behind me on my way in, rested, and when I woke I cannot open the door ( Having to revert to a previous save. Appears to be a bug; had a quick search in the forums and couldn't find mention of it. If need be, is there a bug\issue reporting list to use?
  4. On the pre-order bonus items; I understand these are seperate downloads in the digital version. However how do they arrive on the physical disk? I'm in the tier that gets a physical copy, and a digital download. I only want to install the physical copy so that I can give my digital copy away to a friend. But how do I then get my pre-order bonus items - are they included on the disk?
  5. Well, the advantage of a smaller party is more items to distribute, but I always like having as many as possible just for the comedy value of the inter-party dialog. I find it good to have a good core (in BG) of 4 folks, and then swap other NPCs in needed for NPC specific quests too.
  6. I've gone for a tier that allows a digital download, plus a physical copy (Just love them paper manuals!). I'm just going to give my digital copy away, so I'm assuming I should wait for my physical copy to arrive first? (Just in case like - I've no problem waiting any longer for the disks\manual etc to arive). Just want to check before I give my digital copy away ) So when my physical copy arrives, i can just generate a key and give it to someone with no ill effects on my copy? Looking forward to adventuring :D
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