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  1. Steam is great but GoG is like the ultimate "install and forget" with the games, which I really like.
  2. The real question is can you whip someone's pistol from their hand?
  3. I don't know which I prefer. I really like both Steam and GoG for similar reasons. I suppose ultimately I'd pick Steam for the auto updates - if I ever get into installing mods I can always just disable updates to avoid breaking anything.
  4. I hope there is opportunity to make both realistic western & fantastical eastern monks. Heck take any martial arts fighting game (Mortal Kombat, Dead or Alive) and allow us to make "homages", I'd be pretty happy!
  5. Huh. I tried changing browsers and computers with no success. It still wasn't working a minute ago, then I went through the motions for the twentieth time and it just decided to work for once. It's overloaded, nothing more.
  6. Missing mine. Also can't complete the manage my pledge thing without an error irrespective of what computer I use - already sent a ticket in about that though. Edit - working now and it seems to have applied. All good now!
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