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  1. Just read through this entire topic... lots of interesting thoughts. Definitely some ideas worth thinking about. My 2 cents... I'd really like it if there was an option that would randomise the location of everything but the most 'quintessential' items (Lord However will still have Lord However's Sword of Thrashing.... maybe the location of Lord However could be randomised too??). It would stop the game becoming a quest to work out the shortest pathing between new loot. In terms of how this affects the difficulty, it would stop you knowing what event you are about to run into... are yo
  2. I still can't decide whether I want to see one of the 'innovations' of the Dragon Age series in PoE... that is, the ability to set 'tactics' for squad members. While Space to Pause will always allow us to have absolute control if we want to, being able to instruct a specific toon to do interrupts against particular types of enemies was quite refreshing. Maybe they've got a better idea for such a system... I'd also appreciate the ability to macro some commands... being able to push 1 button to cast all the buffs I want to before a big fight rather than going through them individually would be n
  3. <Name goes here> has met his end. You never really called him a friend. Throughout his life he used to taunt you. So now he's dead be sure he'll haunt you. Another one from a backer who hasn't got gold :D Steal at will folks.
  4. Would happily pay more in order to get additional stretch goals (I'm half assuming at this point that it involves hiring some more people). The game already sounds amazing but more content=more adventure as far as I can see (and more replayability.... thieves, rangers, warriors, good folk, bad folk... so many choices). I'd certainly add a T-shirt or the like if it would move this closer.
  5. Worked fine for me about 5 minutes ago. With any luck it's back and stable. Good luck getting it all sorted guys, really looking forward to this game now!!
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