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  1. Robert Nesler joins Obsidian as art director
  2. OT #1: RipTen Interview: Storybricks is Redefining the Word
  3. The Witcher 3 Details and Release Date?
  4. - Programmer Rahul Singh leaving OEI for Trion Worlds - Ex-OEI programmer Michael Hamlin is working at Turtle Rock Studios.
  5. http://www.icanrigit...rigging_011.htm http://www.icanrigit.com/adrianrigging_012.htm
  6. https://twitter.com/...001525166907392
  7. CTG programmer Michael Hamlin leaving OEI
  8. OT: ex-OEI Technical Artist / Rigger Adrian Rodriguez's video: Warbeast Obsidian Rigging Test
  9. OT: CTG programmer Michael Bosley leaving OEI for Robot Entertainment
  10. OT: Frank Kowalkowski's LI profile updated
  11. OT: Brandon Adler's LI profile updated
  12. Human Head Teases Possible Sequel to Rune (www.humanhead.com/)
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