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  1. Well while not about this project specifically, its about the license in general and is from last month so I'm pretty sure it's not dead. http://www.polygon.com/2015/2/9/8005145/why-one-of-d-ds-biggest-video-game-devs-thinks-that-tabletop-game-has
  2. As a collector of RPG PDFs I know the desire of Mobi/Epub versions of the books. And the fact of the matter is that books with images like these just do not work as mobi/epub and would take a whole new layout conversion to be usable as such. I've seen it done and have done it for an RPG company and it is not the simplest thing to make look good and still have the same flow of the original document. It is probably not worth the extra man hours of time it would take to make the conversion to Epub/Mobi.
  3. It's not done yet. Says so in one of the announcements. The documentary and novella are not yet done.
  4. Just gotta say there's no DRM on either of these PDFs. No password, and all security lockable features are allowed.
  5. I was waiting to see what the PDF looked like since Wednesday and after looking through it I decided I wanted a nice hard cover on the shelf too. It'd be nice if they could get us codes for the Dark Horse Digital app too, but that's ok.
  6. Right click on the PDF button and select "Save As" and choose where to save it as *BAM* downloaded.
  7. Pretty clear lockdown date here https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/obsidian/project-eternity/posts/945527
  8. Probably. PDF watermarks usually aren't that big of a deal. I buy lots of RPG books in PDF from Paizo.com and DriveThruRPG and they have a watermark at the top and bottom of the pages, but it's in the margin. If Dark Horse had done the same it wouldn't be a problem.
  9. What I did was use the Preflight option to put images, text and vector objects each on their own layer. Then I turned off the images and text layers and it was easy to use the edit object cursor the select everything, then ctrl+shifl+click to unselect the bottom bar if it was selected then just press delete.
  10. And I've gotten them removed from my copy. Wish I hadn't had to do it though.
  11. Well it appears it's not actually a watermark, but 3 separate image objects in the PDF. Working on removing them from my copy now.
  12. Removing the page should be easy enough as there's no security on it, but I tried removing the watermark in Acrobat X Pro with no luck.
  13. Anyone notice how the Dark Horse watermark in the lower right obstructs the words and images so you can't really see them?
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