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  1. I backed on like one of the very first days, and I searched all over in the 4 backer lists in the credits, but no love. I love you PoE... why don't you love me?
  2. So every time I go to Caed Nua there's an undead attack now, and I can't seem to get them to stop... Any tips? Reloading produced same result.
  3. Just checked, my Quick save from like an hour's worth back works, but the other two in Caed Nua don't.
  4. Trying to load a save where I'm in Caed Nua, tried using the auto save and the normal save there. Tried both 3 times, each time it loads through loading screen, but then screen is only black, and I can't select anything. Every time I press menu buttons though you can hear the menu selection sounds. How Fix This?
  5. So after Act 2, we've done jacked up the city. Check. Well the 2nd round of bounties wants you to go back into the crypts in copper lane, but I can't seem to get back into the city. Can anyone tell me why/how I get back in?
  6. I get that there's no spoilers, but what quest do I need to do? Is it just continuing the main quest?
  7. But where on that map? Going west doesn't seem to work, heading south down the path ends at a river, heading north or trying again from the east don't open up the next area either...
  8. Sorry if this duplicates, I couldn't find it to follow it... I cannot for the life of me reach Twin Elms or Elmshore, Stormfall Gorge just ends at a river I can't seem to cross, and Dyrford Crossing and Searing Plains don't seem to connect either, how does one reach that set of areas?
  9. I bought the extra digital strategy guide online and can't seem to access it. Its under my products and every time I click on it it opens it in a window, but won't actually load more than like just the title page. Is there a way to download it onto my computer for easier access or what? PLS HALP
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