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  1. Someone said he tested it and that they are still in effect just invisible... didn't check myself yet.
  2. Yeah tanky chanter with a shield could actually be a good choice. He could be of great use in the first row and help the real fighter to keep the enemy attention even if he's not that good dealing damage while waiting for chants to fill up. He can't do any spell for some time anyway. And you must keep in mind that you need to be in certain range of enemies if you are using chants for debuffs. So that's why you need constitution.
  3. Almost certainly he meant Monday on the week of the release and not this one. Anyway it can be any Monday if not specified.
  4. Yeah that's true. The cost for airmail would probably be around that sum we added for the shipping (for a basic version at least). So I really don't know why chose slower option.
  5. DA:I pretended to be lore full but you soon realize it it's just surface deep and it had those horrible fetch quests. It was also pretty easy even on hardest difficulty which also tells something about the game. So from PoE I expect challenging game-play and deep story with meaningful quests and also complex companions. That's sums most of my expectations.
  6. Yeah, I agree the poll gave the impression that everyone will be getting physicall goods before or on the release date but now there seems to be no point in shipping disc separately if we will get the physical good weeks later anyway. Btw, I wonder what kind of packaging they will be using for standard version. I almost always get cracked dvd cases when they are just lightly wrapped...
  7. Yeah, I don't mind repetitions either, just some kind of sound effect for chants is a must. As it's now most of the time you even don't notice the chants are turned on.
  8. So will it be possible to access full-screen preview of your character model aside from that time when you are leveling up? I think it's really a shame you can only access it during LVL up. Yeah I know there is one in the inventory but it's kinda small. I would love to see my characters and her/his equipment at any time in all it's glory. :D
  9. This is also true for me. And I like taking screenshots and writing captions while playing all the time and Steam automatically backs them up in the cloud... so yeah Steam 100%.
  10. I play as a male if there are some nice romances in the game otherwise always as female. So female it is for PoE.
  11. I'm a bit sceptical if this will make into the final game at least at first. Divinity Original Sin promised similar thing but they silently dropped it for latter or maybe never...
  12. I like romances in videogames. I admit most of them are a bit cheesy but I don't mind. I think some kind of "romance" is always necessary to make a characters more believable in interaction with others (except a priest maybe who is one with god anyway xD). Just base friendship, companionship or enimosty is ok but what really defines characters the most is what they value or hate the most thus the need of some kind of expresion of those two things with some kind of action or at least few worlds that are more personal that average dialogue.
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