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  1. Just downloaded Deluxe version of soundtrack, it's a blast! Tracks like Stalwart Village and New Act are great, thank you for this awesomeness
  2. I found that White March soundtrack is add-on for Pillars 2 but it confuses me a little. Description to Ultimate Digital Edition says it contains White March soundtrack but it doesn't listed in the list section below.
  3. Hi, is there any way to buy White March 1/2 soundtrack? Maybe it is not a big support for you but still, music in Pillars is charming and it's a shame that it can't be bought legally. I am really curious why.
  4. Well. PoE is a great game with or without the original poem, it almost doesn't relate to game experience at all. What makes this case rather disturbing is that "offended" are actually most offensive. Sometimes I feel wrong being straight male these days. Take Dragon Age Inquisition, it has 2 female romancable choices for males, 2 male choices for males, 2 female choices for females and 4 male choices for females. Seems more like otome of some kind, considering the fact that the main consumers of gay male content are women we get 8 choices for females and just 2 choices for males. Still I'm
  5. Greetings! Is Digital Download of World Almanac in addons the same as Digital Campaign Almanac in digital pack? And what is the Digital Download of Expansion Pack? I want to upgrade my pledge and trying to find what is missing in Digital Pack + Strategy Guide + Extra Download.
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