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  1. apparently you get it later on, as you progress through the story. Would love to know how were those effigy passives changed though, for example, DoC bonus, -1 DR = +1 penetration in deadfire? What about the rest of them? Sagani's was apparently changed to extra accuracy with ranged weapons ( or so I`v read ).
  2. All I can add is that if you imported PoE1 save in which you sacrificed devil to the pool, that breastplate wont be available, tested that myself. We`ll have to wait and see after the patch though
  3. is it just me or do a lot of these names remind you of The Witcher books? Very similar stuff ( and I like that )
  4. I'd love to come across a parasite type of monster, or better said, parasite infected hosts ( affecting their behavior in a certain way ). I imagine it'd be counterproductive to allow player to get infected but I could see a village completely inhabited by infected NPCs ( either aggressive or not towards the player ) - could be a part of a quest or something similar. Or not. It's their fault they got infected after all, they better learn to live with it
  5. I really liked portrait style from nwn1 and I hope they'll stick to portraits rather than using nwn2 "face" style design.
  6. I guess I'd really like to see some kind of perks which would not come directly from specialization / class choices but would rather be awarded for something your character did, providing combat or non-combat bonuses - let's take a simple example - during your travels you managed to kill 1000 goblins, you are now aware of their weaknesses which would be reflected in a bonus passive skill, adding additional offensive / defensive rolls against goblins. This, of course, is a simplified example of what I mean. These could possibly be also awarded for some long chain-quests ( the usual, help out so
  7. I wouldn't think of it as a question of usefulness but more like a question of necessity. Take militia recruits for example, most of them could barely carry weapons, heavy as they were, slapping plate armor on them would end up being counterproductive there - takes a long time to even learn how to move in plate armor. Other point would be, only very certain group of people could actually afford it... So on one hand, I do understand what you mean and I have to agree in a way - in a perfect world, everybody would be running ( well, running might be a strong word ) around in full plate, how
  8. I don't know, I loved both BG and IWD for what they were but was, for example, Arcanum any less fun? It was something different but I still loved every minute of it, same could be said for the first DA from Bioware. Completely different system, which still had the basic frame of old D&D games but with a twist ( in one way or another ). Different doesn't have to mean bad. I feel like people from Obsidian could create an excellent successor if they are allowed to experiment a bit instead of creating a perfect clone of BG ( dont get me wrong, I`d punch a baby and it's mother to get my hands o
  9. I'll always pick the hardest available difficulty.I always had. I'm weird like that. The most satisfying experiences I had while gaming always came from situations that were directly caused by extreme difficulty setting - having 30 goblins chase you for 35 minutes while you slowly try to smack them with your tiny shield, doing your best to save up your potions like they are made of liquid gold ( because you will sure be needing them when you come across something better built than goblins ), literally screaming of joy when you manage to split them up, if only for a minute - just so you can act
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