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  1. Chanters main stat is intelligence be Intelligence is a main Chanter stat because it affects the chant area. A small chant radius means the chanter has to stay in the fray to be useful. Ring of overseeing is very helpful for this class because it boosts chant radius as well. Intelligence also affects the duration of chant buffs/debuffs after the chanter finishes the phrase. Chanters are not broken. Summoning spells are very powerful, so they restricted them to a timer, i.e. Chanter phrases. Wizards/Druids/Priests have no summoning spells because summons have been proven to co
  2. 1) BG2(Honestly, BG Trilogy)/PS:T/IWD/PoE and I'll just go ahead and list PoE2 - This is my favorite game style 2) Ogre Battle: March of the Black Queen / Final Fantasy Tactics - These were two different companies, but it was the same people. Very fun, complicated mechanics, if a little too far on the grindiness. 3) Final Fantasy II/VI - My first JRPG, and still the best of the standard series, IMHO
  3. 1) Limited SPECIALIZED ammunition. Inifinite basic ammunition. Micromanagement sucks. 2) No... no really, no... 3) Surprised this wasn't in the first game. 4) Yes, but not a huge loss if they can't make it work in the new engine. 5) I'm ambivalent. 6) Cool. 7) Optional Familiars for wizards. Can't let the rangers corner the market.
  4. Dear Obsidian, PoE is wonderful - the "balance" thing is crap. I want to smash faces in with ridiculous items in PoE2. I do not want easy mode. I want items like blackrazor, flail of the ages, the rune axe, bladesinger chain mail... I don't care that they are broken, in fact I like that they are broken... I think most people who played BG2 loved it because it was broken, because being broken and gibbing stunned glabrezu with crimson fury and an off-hand crom-faeyr on a kensai/mage felt so EPIC!!!!!! Stop nerfing broken items. Better yet, for PoE2, just nerf them in the hardest difficult
  5. If you want to make a money sink in the late game, and keep a crafting skill, why not incorporate something like the socket/jewel system in Diablo for high level equipment. This is more geared toward reward rather than a punishment like durability and can give a great deal of late stage character customization which players could choose to enjoy or ignore depending on how much they like crafting mechanics and "grinding" for bonus stat points
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