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  1. Same here. All my recent saves have the companion bug (quicksave and autosave included) because i tried to travel to see if it fixed the issue... This kind of bug should never be present after QA's work. Anything else can be broken, but corrupting save files is really #1 in the list of "major blocking issues".
  2. Shut up. Juste take our money I think we all (or quite all) understand that a good game must bring you money, and not only satisfaction of seeing us play. No. Seriously. if the game's as good as it seems to be, and brings back the Baldur's Gate feelings... Make the universe larger, the background deeper, the story more epic than ever, and I'll pay again without a doubt. But, in the same time, pleeeeease don't make it some DLC-like piece of crap selling items and or small additional quests or maps. Please don't spoil the game with bad marketing (like so much games those past few years
  3. What should our characters spend gold on ? potions and scrolls of course various pieces of equipement inns' rooms investing in a group of bards so that they come back with new rumors and quests alcohol to gain popularity and learn secrets politics and influence bribing maps (could be bought if possible, and completed by visiting the place) safe (or safer) journey companies, merchents, artists, militia, guilds, each kind providing different outcomes (fame, power, influence...) Money is not a very good gameplay mechanism I think if it's used only on buying goods. But can be a very nice rolepla
  4. If I may... Durability : I hate it, but... I'd find it less a waste of game time if it were only tied to crits ; for example, crits might damage armor/weapons/shields (why not even wands and other magical artifacts), and it could be required to perform something specific to "repair" them (I mean a "special" repair, not something any adventurer could do). Crafting non-magical weapons/shields/armors : I hate it, but... I'd find it less a waste of time if it were something specific to a class / subclass which does not have access to magical items. Crafting items : why not, as long as it allow
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