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  1. This might be an intended feature, and it's funny, but I sort of think it is a bug. In a fight my Mercenary Fighter got himself charmed. He quickly killed the rest of the party. Then he spent time just hitting himself until he died. Why do you keep hitting yourself?
  2. Integrated graphics sometimes have no BIOS option. But you shouldn't worry. The GPU drivers should be able to pull system RAM into the pool as needed. The only things that are really required to be in dedicated RAM are the frame buffers. Textures and everything else can be remote. In a discrete card this would be slower because it would need to be pulled over the PCIe bus every time it was needed. But in an integrated card there's no real difference in access speed. Of course some games complain about it because they see that the dedicated RAM is low. But in my experience the games will wo
  3. A discreet card will not tell your secrets. What you meant is a discrete card, as in separate.
  4. I recall reading that Duke Nukem Forever kept changing its game engine to newer versions. Then they'd go back and rework the graphics assets for the updated engine. Repeat forever. Not a good model to follow.
  5. To be clear, that stat page is a mock-up and the text is still from PhotoShop. That said, the in-game text is much better looking because Brian found much better settings for it. There are still bugs to work out, but it's looking better in-game. I am hoping that y'all test the game and the fonts with a 4K display and with Windows set to 150 or 200% scaling and the game running in native resolution. In both full screen and windowed modes. Because it seems that a lot of games don't work properly with those settings. Diablo 3 didn't click where the mouse pointed at. SWTOR did things all wr
  6. Refusing to pay the debt happened all the time in history. Money lenders couldn't exactly shake down the King and his nobles so they'd just stop loaning out money. Pretty soon the King REALLY needed a loan and couldn't get one. Future Kings learned to not do that. Hard to pay mercenaries with no money.
  7. Not cool, man... not cool! My party now has a 30% chance to indiscriminately cast/use abilities in a panicked fashion whenever arachnids are about. In all seriousness, it's not that bad, haha. BUT, I have actually, on multiple occasions, had nightmares involving an invulnerable clockwork spider that relentlessly tries to climb onto my face and do God-only-knows-what... all the while slicing me with its little metal legs as it climbs and clings as I try to swat it off. No me gusta. o_o The thing that climbs relentless onto your face at night slicing you as it goes? That's my ca
  8. I've used some very good ring menus. Actually calling it a ring menu may be a stretch since it was rectangular. But it popped up all around the mouse cursor. Much like a set of context menus in fact. With good keyboard shortcuts all commands can be hit in two to four keystrokes. I'd recommend using asdf, qwer, 1234, etc. The menu is really just for backup when you forget what keys to hit or haven't used that option before.
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