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  1. The Croquants The Croquants are starving peasants who assail travelers in the country since a famine has begun . Numerous, they are walking in groups of 30, and are composed mainly of men, teenagers but also of some women. Thin, emaciated, they are particularly aggressive and quick. Dressed in rags, they fight with agricultural tools and rusted weapons . A band led by a short, stocky and cruel man, Diszno, will take the lead and organize the movement. A pretty and opulent village will be looted. girls and women captured and taken to their hideout...
  2. the possibility to customize with more than two colours the clothes. mules and donkeys to carry your stuffs and add an other inventory like in Dungeon Siege Horses for human npc and eventually you in some occasions
  3. It would be great and really innovative that obisidian continues to develop baroque, colourful, panached helms, elaborate doublets, spread the impression of late middle-age, early Renaissance where costums, armors and weapons were stylished and sophisticated. Imagin a tall elegant and boisterous Landsknecht with a big swordfish, could be an awesome recruitable character. here some pictures to stimulate your creations :
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