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  1. Like, can I have all the scripted followers plus a bunch of hirlings? Can either go on missions?
  2. YOu may know these but JUST incase: Xcom Arcanum Geneforge Wasteland 2 Shadowrun Underrail Spacehack I guess shadowrun might be the closest.
  3. Hey, I really liked all your info vids and updates about the game over the development since the beginning. YOu made them really interesting. I need to get some skeleton costume makup
  4. Sounds really cool. I CANNOT WAIT! Playing through Icewind Dale 1 right now to help curb the wait blues.
  5. Sounds good and glad to hear you are growing bigger. I would like to request that you dress up or do some sort of rabbit face paint for easter. My favorite update was your halloween skeleton face update so I think a rabbit would be a hit too Although the hunting bird of prey screech was pretty good too...
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