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  1. I'll play the GoG version and I would be glad not to see any achievements ingame. Stats and experience points are worse enough but needed. But achievements aren't needed really. I'm not a child in the age of four, where the parents always say "oh, you did fiiine!" I do understand that developers like the feedback, which achievements give to them, and I understnad that some people need achievements (don't know why), but there's no reason to show them in the game, where they are extremely disturbing.
  2. For me it's essential that NPCs and party members reacts to my actions in a nuanced way. For example there might be a companion who is with me only for our common goal, but don't like me for my personal opinion (religion, faction, chosen dialogue-options) or my actions. His logical behaviour is respectful but not kindly. So I have to be aware not beeing stolen from or even being murdered after reaching the goal. Of course there should be hints in the dialogues, that things are changing between the characters (in case the stats of the char are good enough to "see" such things).
  3. Definitely NO! I didn't use that in BG and I imagine it as not really good. Additionally it needs changes in the design, which we don't want. I'm not a opponent of multiplayer-modes, on a contrary I like it, but in Wi-Sims (like patrician 4, anno 1404, airline tycoon evolution, online poker, settlers 2) and not in a singleplayer RPG. I'm a great fan of LAN-mode, specially in times of "always-on" and "you have only the client at your desktop, maingame is in cloud", but there are things in live best be relished alone, like a good book, like a game, which is supposed to be like a god book.
  4. In subject of smashing chests I agree to the idea that smashing should hold the highly risk of breaking the items inside. So there's the non frustrating ability for the talentless warrior-guy to destroy, what he can't open with patience and skill, and to collect undestroyable gold only, if there's some inside. And additionally there's the incentive to develop the skills to pick up the lock to gain the more damagable items inside of such a chest. That avoids dissappointment for every kind of player.
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