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  1. GOG, no hesitation here. Steam needs to up their game (I daresay) to count me as a client again.
  2. I recenly wanted to ract to Chris' playing sessions of Arcanum. Early summary : I loved all of it, certainly because I expected something different. Now I'll write down some points I wanted to (quickly) discuss/share, even if I fear that it's been done thousand of times already (NO SPOILERS): After watching the first Video (the 50 mins one), I was really pleased. I had my fair share of time screaming to my screen 'up here !', 'check his pockets !' ... but in the end I realized I hardly ever watch people playing solo games, and it was very refreshing to see someone else's reactio
  3. Hi everyone, first post here. This topic has been great to read so far, so I bring my contribution : Dorsahna, Goddess of catastrophes, misfortune and bad decisions (Lawful Neutral). 'The Loveless'. Symbol : Scales with a bleeding heart on one side and burning pieces of gold on the other. Patroness of travelers, explorers. Ennemies in pantheon : all gods who use humans for their advantage. Manifestation : A vulnerable person which could be helped or preyed on. Trivia : Prones self achievement, humility and respect. She is believed to keep an eye on innocents and vulnerable pers
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