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  1. Sad but true . PoE is a solid game. That's it. Less BUGs then many other games ... but still to many! Can you imagin BMW or Toyota would release a new car where several parts aren't working as they should? Or a graphic card which has several BUGs? ALL of you would instantly bring it back to the shop where you bought it! I just can't understand, why users are so forgiving when it comes to software . It's a product like every other product! And creating software is in no way more complicate then crating a graphic card or car (hell, modern cars include billions of code lines too). Bu
  2. I can tell you interesting things about all of the companions in PoE (what motivates them, their opinions on matters of the world) which I can't do for most of the BG companions aside from the core favourites.
  3. Absolutely. The games themselves are still awesome, whether the original editions or EE. The EE didn't add anything much at all, in my opinion, other than (as you say) being a little more modern PC friendly without the need for mods. I'm sure part of it is nostalgia, but I think it's almost impossible to separate it out. Still, I'm absolutely loving PoE, and I think the combat and writing are awesome, can't wait to see where they go next!
  4. As a player who played EE versions of BG series and IWD just recently I can tell you it's not nostalgia, they're just that bloody good and worthy of occasional replays. Still not sure about PoE replayability though. Gotta say, wasn't impressed with the "EE" of the BG games. Just didnt think they were worth it, honestly. I liked Dorn though - thought he was awesome, Neera reminded me too much of Aerie (whiny and I dislike Wild Mages), and Raasad was eh...Although I actually did like the Black Pit - that would actually be great for trying out various build for PoE.... Didn't buy BG2EE though,
  5. Part of the problem here is expecting all games to hold together by their review scores in comparison to other games. Should we be retroactively degrading games score as newer games come out (it was a 10 in 1998" which is a 5 in 2015?), or when new (better) games come out should we be upping the score limit? Games marked out of 12 this year, then up to 14 next year, etc, etc? A good game that is enjoyed and feels worthwhile should be an 8 - 10, regardless of what score other games got now, in the past, or potential games in the future. You don't mark games by saying X got 7 so this gets more
  6. Yeah, that would be very bad, it's clearly a bug. Luckily in this instance there was a work-around, hopefully there'll be some bug fixes incoming =)
  7. Have you tried swapping him out of the party, then putting him back in?
  8. I'd love an Infinity Engine / Pillars of Eternity-esque sci-fi game... eventually getting control of a ship, having a crew as your party... it'd be awesome. Like Mass Effect, but with deeper plot and more character (and isometric!), I think it'd be great. Sadly, I can't help though, I don't know any sci-fi isometric RPG's. There's Stasis, which is more of an adventure game, but looks very cool, it was Kickstarted last year I believe; https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/bischoff/stasis-2d-isometric-scifi-horror-adventure-game
  9. Haha, very true... It's just so sad. I know it's better not to look, but I just thought it may be off-putting to potential buyers wading in to have some questions answered,
  10. Just wondered if there's any moderation going on over at the Steam forums? I understand Obsidian are really REALLY busy this week, but there's some incredibly offensive and obnoxious posters over there... Someone asked if there'd be any LGBT themes explored in Pillars of Eternity, which people seemed to take as a 'loaded question' and now that thread has ballooned to the largest post over there. Sadly it is 4/5ths trolling and bigotry, and now the forum is being filled with transphobic, homophobic and generally idiotic copycat threads by 0 level accounts. Anyone able to help? Even if i
  11. Don't... you might make some big bucks selling those to rabid fanboys who really want it all. If it's a seperate code that is... I believe they meant a metaphorical digital bin within the gameworld, rather than throwing them into a physical bin in the real world. I'm of the understanding that the items are automagically contained within the game generated by the unlock code / SKU.
  12. Facts matter to some people. If you make a strong claim, without evidence, and then claim that people are calling you a liar, then they're going to logically defend their point. You claimed Backer's were promised early access to the game (with no proof). Some people said you may have been confused with the Backer Beta. You argued that people are 'bullying' you for making claims without any proof, then call the need for evidence unreasonable. Someone linked a statement that the developers would have liked to have provided earlier access, but that it isn't technically possible. The game laun
  13. The honus of proof is on yourself here, not on others to go and find evidence it WASN'T said. There's only 21 hours until the game launches, so not long until we're all enjoying it anyway.
  14. How long can we use this excuse? Presumably they've been working on it for over a year plus outsourcing, yet a random forum post can show them up with 3 hours of work. These screenshots are bland, uninspired, and appear to have been thrown together in about 10 minutes playing in a world builder. I wouldn't be so quick to show off unfinished work like this over a year into production. No offense, but updates lately have been sparse and extremely meh. Nothing impressive since the animated waterfall scene. Updates like this do more harm than good, but maybe I'm alone on that. But on the b
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