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  1. Miscommunication? C'mon man, getting a fancy Download-Code when what we are ordered is a physical copy of the game? This is a disgrace, you kow it and so does the community! I supported your Kickstarter Campaigns for both Games not only because I thought you maybe could make a great Game but also because I thought you would care a little bit more about your backers and "regular" costumers.
  2. look at more Reply Options to at attachments. Took me a while to figure out too.
  3. Hi anyone could help me out with a water colored versions of this portrait? This would be really appreciated
  4. Thats why I always go with GoG. You should have though about playing at the same time befor you went without steam.
  5. Works fine for me. Now I just have to wait for GoG to let me Download it
  6. I think i give it a go. I wanted to Start the game unprepared anyway, like the great games oft my youth. And learn the mechanics aned the worl while i play the game. Playing it Hardcore will make it feel more immersive and challenging.
  7. Just finished my Plege ans joint the Order. I want to be the Eternity Speer of The Obsidian Order
  8. If there will be a expansion i wish it to be more like throne of baal. A real expantion to The story and The World. Not "just" more quests or companions.
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