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    3D design using blender, Unity3D, and more 'traditional' RPGs before they became cinematic movies with interactive but linear 'good/evil' dialogue paths, and gameplay figured out after the focus was put into cutscenes and marketing.


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  1. Whilst true that the inconsistencies extend beyond Eder and Vela, the latest beta build notes mention new changes made to a broader range of values that were not being applied correctly. Most (likely all) of the value will only correctly set on a completely new start. Existing campaigns will already have the improper values assigned (Not sure Obsidian will ever be able to correct existing campaigns as that poses a huge headache). So are the inconsistencies you're seeing with Wael and such coming after using the latest beta build and starting a completely new campaign and import?
  2. In all honesty I do not mind that all the pre-orders gets it, even if as kickstarter backer we gave life to this reality. But I absolutely wants to know if I get the content or not from some official source. You definitely 100% get the space piglet and ring that all pre-orders get as part of the backers package. Yes. The only question left unanswered to my knowledge is the contents of the backer-exclusive item and achievement.
  3. Debit cards work perfectly fine with Steam. I've been using mine with Steam for years. Don't take mention of 'Credit card' in any payment system in the literal sense. It's just used as a general name to mean both Credit and Debit cards. In a lot of countries, debit cards are what your average person uses rather than credit cards. It's not exclusive to Germany.
  4. Checking: https://steamdb.info/app/291650/subs/ It doesn't seem that Steam has any means of actually distinguishing between the "Kickstarter editions" that Obsidian advertise and "Standard pre-order editions" that everyone gets. When I redeemed by backer key on Steam, it definitely only returned the standard Hero edition pre-order. So however the backer exclusive items and achievements are going to be tracked, it definitely doesn't seem to be tied to our game keys in any shape or form. Maybe it will be additional DLC codes that haven't yet be implemented. Getting the feeling that O
  5. Was curious about this as well. Kind of getting mixed messages from different sources, some mention the space piglet and ring are the 'backer rewards' yet they're standard pre-order bonuses and in no way backer exclusive in-game rewards like is mentioned to exist. Not all that bothered about backer-exclusive rewards in-game itself. But would be nice to know what to expect when firing up the game in 10 hours or so given that it's still stated that the 'kickstarter edition' variants of standard packages offer special game content.
  6. Yes, you will be able to play. In theory you could find game in your steam directory and create a direct shortcut to the exe file to start the game without running Steam. I'm pretty sure this isn't the case. There's a reason it's called DRM. It varies from game to game and is in part based on the choice of the developer. Some games on Steam really can just be launched locally without ever touching on Steams optional API utilisation. So you can download the game through Steam, then just launch the game directly and never have it really touch Steam again. Other developers o
  7. It's normal for 3D artists to make a detailed model first, and then simplify them. I've personally found it's the complete opposite. (For game assets, rather than static designs which are to be honest a entirely different process) The concept artists may make detailed designs, either as drawings or as an actual 3D asset in Blender/3DS/Maya/Z-brush, and the style and details are reiterated until it's deemed acceptable. Then the actual game assets are constructed first as low poly outlines based on the concept, and then detail is added onto a duplicate and used for baking normal/hei
  8. Agreed about the elves in Arcanum are portrayed. In fact from a general design perspective the way all the races are portrayed in the game has always impressed me including the smaller level of details such as how when making a new character the background text and names are adjusted in some examples based on race/gender, and text is also adapted. Given the nature of the game, starting and getting established playing as a elf certainly isn't 'powerful' as such unless you're hell bent on more aligning with magic in which case you may perhaps get a bit of a boost trying to get establishe
  9. Regarding the video, I am some what surprised that Chris Avellone didn't really seem to pick up on some rather clear things such as how you can't lower your stats below default figures, whilst in the video he's clicking various stats talking about lowering them to be able to improve things to get the character more toward his desired focus, yet he's changing nothing what so ever. Don't take this the wrong way, but for the love of bob the mighty deity of the internet, don't let that chap give feedback on first impressions for new players in Project Eternity!!! Of course, if the lack
  10. Never mind I see the first post has been ninja sneaked in 2 minutes ago! lol

  11. Now that's an interesting thought, but seems rather over the top depending on what you define as an 'NPC' in terms of what elements it needs to consist of to be an 'NPC' rather than just a 'Intractable game object that has extra behaviour associated'. Wouldn't mind knowing what you had in mind to warrant considering making doors much broader objects than say just permitting it to be attackable object of a type that has some variables like sturdiness/lock strength/connection nodes. Really peaked my interest personally in what you may be thinking of. Sentient magical doors you can enga
  12. Few things come to mind from reading this update: #1 I find it rather interesting that your pipeline involves making the high poly designs in Zbrush to use in baking texture maps first, and THEN make the low poly models based on the high poly. Would be interesting to hear why you've opted for this over what I feel is the more traditional 'low poly -> duplicate -> subdivide -> add details -> bake'. Are the high poly creations also serving as a aspect of concept design to fully flesh out the look and feel of races before making the actual game assets for example? Or
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