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  1. lolololol, playing it with an xbawks controller right up against the monitor I bet these losers have never played a PC game in their lives. Will be some sweet schadenfreude when this game bombs
  2. Yes, I am suspicious of any RPG that is multi-platform, except perhaps one that is ported elsewhere maybe a year or more after the PC release with no discernable design influences to make it easier to port to console or tablet. I mean look at Shadowrun Returns recently, game isn't even on iOS (yet), and the PC/Mac users still had to deal with a horrible, big, ugly tablet touch interface. I like PC games, I like the small, tight UI design that only comes from being designed for mouse control first and foremost. Consoletards can whine and complain that a port is "only giving them the cho
  3. It probably prefers to the Linux version. As you said GOG has been doing Mac (where it can) for a while now.
  4. popular =/= good design I'm asking for a choice. Not for the game to be balanced around it. Then wait for a mod. There's no reason that the game should officially support what amounts to cheating.
  5. I said that I didn't cared about how they want to make the battles menageables for 6 characters. If they can think of a way, thats fine with me ! A good AI that you can customize to your exact needs combined with a quick way to adapt or do special things might do the trick. Of course, nothing beat the pause system for now but I do have an open mind. What I mean, Is that it's not the pause system I want. It's control over the battlefield. If I have that, I don't care about how it's done. For example : I played DA:O on the hardest difficulty never pausing the entire game (unless I reall
  6. It's kind of hard to ignore something that you've already read. I've also never understood people who attack the ones that gets attacked. I mean really. Do you really expect me to care about someone who has expressly stated that my hobby (CRPGs, more traditional computer games) should not exist because it's too niche? The insults that the internet trolls threw at her put aside, I couldn't give a crap. The less of those vile posers in the industry trying to ruin games, the better.
  7. You don't care about a pause Trudel? It would be downright impossible to control up to 6 characters in real-time all with their own abilities/spells also while concentrating on multiple enemies, without a pause button to issue orders. That's why I think RTWP is a dumb system, it's basically the designers admitting that real-time party combat is too frenetic to be controlled in real-time, so they slap a bandaid on top called the pause button. And what does the system accomplish? Just to make the battles superficially look more "realistic"?
  8. Y'all are gonna hate me for this - I think making a good game that surpasses the IE games on the things they did well (beautiful atmospheric environments, and in Torment at least fantastic world and characters) is more important than copying the superficial aspects of the things the IE games did very, very poorly and trying to tweak them to make them Not As ****ty. I'm fine with slaughtering the sacred cows. If I were in charge of this project the very first thing I would have done before even pitching the kickstarter would have been to make a few prototypes that experiment with radical altera
  9. Well, I hope that any racial stuff in PE will go beyond a few lines of flavor text here and there and a different looking character model. I know OE are probably reticent about any bonuses or penalties to races, but I feel there needs to be more to race than flavor or there's not much point having races at all. If a Human, Dwarf, Elf, Orlan or whatever all have exactly the same base stats, what's the gameplay incentive to pick one or the other?
  10. There are certainly cases as you describe. I've seen them on Kickstarter and in other places. What I try to be sensible about is the dogpiling in the first place. If someone, like Hepler, has made something you don't like, it's enough to tell them so, then the criticism can be devoid of bullying and threats and all that. Just tell the person that it sucks and why, and leave it at that. P.S. I hate DA2 and ME3, just to get that out of the way. Obviously, insults serve no point and as a previous poster pointed out, they dilute and destroy whatever legitimate criticism there was under al
  11. Lol, now this is cute. Also, the whole gay thing is just how Bioware likes to deflect criticism of their terrible games. "You don't like ME3 or DA2, you are a nasty homophobic troll!" Stuff I am not referring to this forum in particular, but to the internet in general. People who cry victim over insults on the internet instead of just ignoring it, blocking the person or whatever, usually have an agenda. Which is why every time Hepler is "insulted" on the net, some new article on a games site pops out trying to make out that this is an issue of sexism or something. Professio
  12. ^This! It should say it all for any civilized human being. Each continued attempt at justifying the horrors and the horrific effects of those threats is despicable. It's never, ever okay to treat any kind of person that way, and when it's been done on shady grounds, by individuals failing to deal with frustrations over one or two computer games with some fiction involving selectable gender roles, it's just so bizarre that I wish I could undo all such destructive actions in one sweep and rid the world of those problems forever. Are you new to the internet? Outrageous insults and trolling j
  13. Please explain how a level-cap is bad design. They exist to ensure the player does not hugely overlevel the content, this is bad?
  14. http://www.polygon.com/2013/8/15/4622252/plague-of-game-dev-harassment-erodes-industry-spurs-support-groups I think you should reconcile yourself to the fact that if every developer thought the way she does (and the way Bioware does) then games like Project Eternity or Wasteland 2 would not exist. Her views are are basically that traditional CRPG's (or any traditional niche games) should not exist, games should made for everybody. Seriously, good riddance. She was a horrible, horrible writer to boot, possibly the worst in the industry.
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